The Second Strong Island Photography Social

The Second Strong Island Photography Social taken by David Tuckwell

The Second Strong Island Photography Social

A few weeks ago now we held the second ever Strong Island Photography Social in Old Portsmouth. I chose for everyone to meet at the Point, outside Spice Island, so we could enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful sunset. The amount of people at the first meeting completely surpassed my expectations so it was great to see so many returning along with a host of new faces.

The day before the meeting I was speaking with Chris Brunnen from CJB Photography and he kindly agreed to bring down a few copies of his new book, ‘Portsmouth; An Aerial Tour Through Time.’ With the increased usage of drone photography it was really interesting to compare recent shots with some that are decades old. Just click the hyperlink to find out more about the book and how you can get your hands on a copy.

A group of over fifty locally based photographers hanging out outside Spice island in Old Portsmouth for The Second Strong Island Photography Social

I’m a victim of the event’s own success, with fifty-five people attending (at its peak) it was quite difficult to get around and have a proper catch up with everybody. It was pleasing to see groups of friends, acquaintances and strangers all engaging with each other. Of course, there was photography talk but for the most part, it seemed that everyone was enjoying just having a general conversation with like-minded people.

On a few occasions I was asked about potential photography projects for the group, this is all very much to be confirmed but there are a few ideas floating around. As soon as we make any decisions we will make it public. While we are on the topic of sharing, we have now created the Strong Island Photography Collective on Facebook. This is a closed group but open to all to join! We hope that this can be a place for photographers not just to share their work, because let’s face it, there are plenty of other places for that. We hope that members use this space to seek advice, share projects and exhibitions, and potentially network for collaborations.

Some of those who attended managed to capture some smashing shots of the view! The banner image at the top of the article was taken by David Tuckwell, the rest are credited beneath the photograph.

A photo of the Gosport as seen from old Portsmouth. Taken by Tony Western

Photo by Tony Western

A photo of the Gosport as seen from old Portsmouth. Taken Paul Harrison

Photo by Paul Harrison

A photo of the Gosport as seen from old Portsmouth. Taken using a fish eye lens by Sarah Marston

Photo by Sarah Marston

I had aimed to organise the next meeting for late September but it will most likely be late October. Instead, we hope that everyone will come and join us at Southsea Castle on September 27th to celebrate our tenth birthday. This event is open to all and more information can be found here. Hopefully see all of you there!

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