Review: The Pretty Reckless at Southampton Guildha...

Review: The Pretty Reckless at Southampton Guildhall

There aren’t many bands that would bring out a sold out crowd in the rain but with the eagerly awaiting fans building, it’s clear that The Pretty Reckless’s return to the south coast is a special event that even the weather won’t stop fans from travelling, nor did it dampen the mood.

Their last visit to our shores was back in 2017 you can definitely feel the excitement build before the doors are even open.

First up tonight we have The Cruel Knives, the band formed in 2016 with former Heavens Basements’ guitarist Sid Glover & bassist Rob Ellershaw. With a big task of winning over the crowd who are there for Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless, it doesn’t take them long to win them over with a very guitar-led sound that is reminiscent of the mid 80’s heavy rock era.

With just the one support band tonight it doesn’t take long for the lights to drop ahead of our headliners tonight. With cheers from the crowd lights rise for headliners The Pretty Reckless it’s clear that they mean business and the show belongs to Taylor Momsen tonight.

Launching straight into the set with ‘Death By Rock And Roll’ from the 2021 album of the same name, Momsen strutting across the stage draped in a leather jacket it is clear that The Pretty Reckless have been missed in the UK as the crowd go wild.

It is clear that the time off due to the pandemic hasn’t hindered the band, with every song as polished as the next and Taylor’s stage presence electric bounding across the stage and making full use of the risers on the stage as she commands the audience through the bands arguably biggest hit ‘Make Me Want To Die’.

Tonight’s show gives the sense that this is a performance that is built for stadiums and it won’t be long before venues of this size are replaced for a much bigger settings, it truly feels like a turning point for the band and everyone in the venue is witness to this is soaking up every moment of the show.

With the band drawing close of the end of their set tonight, the lights drop once more to a cheering crowd awaiting the band’s return for an encore.

Returning to a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Rock In The Free world’ Taylor beams “We haven’t done this before” then launching into set closer ‘Fucked Up World’ with the band delivering a set that I can only describe as a straight-up night of rock and roll The Pretty Reckless have established themselves as a band to be taken seriously, a world away from Taylor Momsen’s previous acting roles.


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