New Pete Codling Commission for Portsmouth City Ce...

New Pete Codling Commission for Portsmouth City Centre Underpass


Local artist Pete Codling is working on a new artwork for a busy Portsmouth city centre underpass that will be a part of measures (such as the addition of new lighting) to make the area more beautiful and to improve safety for people living and visiting the area. The new artwork will be developed by Pete Codling, an acclaimed local artist who created the Treadgold Fish sculpture that can be seen on Southsea seafront. Pete Codling has created public space artwork across the city for many years (just one other example is around the John Pounds centre) and we’re looking forward to seeing this new work in place soon.

Portsmouth City Council and Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner have received funding to improve an area of high crime reporting with better lighting and a new artwork installation at a well-used underpass below Cornmill Roundabout and Lake Road. Pete plans to use techniques such as thermo-plastics to create a design for the floor of the underpass, as well as creative insets for the tilework. These updates will help make the area much more pleasant for people who use it and provide the community with a sense of pride in their area.

Art helps us to remember who we are, our history, culture and sense of place. It helps us make spaces into places. This public art project aims to soften the feel of the modern 70s architecture of the Lake Road underpass. By giving it a creative make over with some bold graphic drawings and motifs on the walls and floor, I hope to make the journey through the under pass more pleasant and contemporary.

I will be working with the Council to enhance the lighting, surrounding green park areas and signage to make it feel safer, cleaner and a nicer experience for the community that use it on their journey to and from the city centre.” – Pete Codling

A new pathway will also be installed across the grassland from Cornmill Street roundabout to the footpaths either side of Cornwallis House. This is a route that is used by lots of people already, so the council has responded by creating an accessible formal footpath instead of muddy track, improving it for everyone to use.

These improvements are being delivered in partnership with the Hampshire Police Crime Commissioner, funded through the Home Office’s Safer Streets Three funding. It is one of several initiatives aimed at tackling violence against women and girls in the city.

…Art helps us to remember who we are, our history, culture and sense of place…

Artist Pete Codling talking about the plans for the city centre underpass artwork


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