The Sea Girls at the O2 Guildhall Southampton

The Sea Girls at the O2 Guildhall Southampton

It’s a Wednesday night, a school night. We make our way into Southampton Guildhall, the floor already packed out with fellow gig-goers. Lauran Hibberd makes her way onto the stage beaming with energy. She starts her set off with her favourite track ‘Average Joe’ from her new debut album ‘Garageband Superstar’. Lauran always plays a brilliant show, she’s not one to shy away from uncomfortable subjects like IBS as she introduces ‘I’m Insecure’ to the crowd, “Girls poo too, sorry to break the news. This song is about my IBS”.

After the energetic set from Lauran, it’s time for Sea Girls. You can hear the crowd chanting “Sea Girls, Sea Girls, Sea Girls” enticing the London-formed band to embrace the stage. With the next breath, the band appear on stage, looking pumped for the show.

They start their set off with their debut single ‘Damage Done’, a personal favourite of mine. They follow with other top bangers ‘Lucky’ and Open Up Your Head’. Sea Girls lead singer, Henry Camamile, calmly asks the crowd, “Shall we just have a fuckin’ party?”, I could already tell from the moment they stepped onto the stage that this was going to be a night to remember, to which the boys did not disappoint.

Henry mentions throughout the set that the last time they played in Southampton was at The Joiners a few years back, they were told that when they came back that they should play the Guildhall, they would almost definitely sell out the venue, and fast forward to 2022 they’ve only gone and achieved just that!

In my experience, when listening to Sea Girls I always picture myself in a “Main Character Mode”, as each song is anthemic in its own right. I picture myself looking out the window of a train, watching the world go by with my earphones in, their songs perfectly coupling the stories I put together in my head. The complete opposite scenarios compared to my day to day life. Although it’s safe to say that almost all of Sea Girls’ songs you can resonate with, I strongly recommend for anyone reading this to give them a listen, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Sea Girls end the night with encore songs; ‘Daisy Daisy’, ‘All I Wanna Hear You Say’ and ‘Call Me Out’. They’ve achieved to brighten everyone’s dreary hump day by their indie anthems and energetic show. They certainly had everyone jumping up and down for the entirety of the gig. I came away with sore feet and a raspy voice, signs of an amazing gig in my eyes.

Photo: Hannah Victoria Kenyon


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