18 New Summer Photography Walkshops Now Available

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Old Portsmouth

18 New Summer Photography Walkshops Now Available


Time has flown when it comes to our Photography Walkshops, we began in June 2015 and between then and now we have had 60+ at locations in Portsmouth & Southsea and at many other locations along the south coast. All in all we’ve had almost 600 people come along and get involved. We’ve had a particularly amazing spring and early summer and now can announce new walkshops dates for the rest of summer 2017.

What are Photography Walkshops?

Through Strong Island Media we have delivered photography workshops over the last 5 years to over two thousand people of all ages and abilities across the south coast. Working with organisations like Chichester Harbour Conservancy, University of Portsmouth, Making Space, Hampshire Cultural Trust plus many schools and youth groups. Over time we’ve developed ‘Walkshops’, where rather than sitting down in a classroom you actively learn different photography skills and techniques out and about with your camera, with support from a professional photographer. These workshops involve a leisurely 2 hour walk with fun & creative photo activities allowing you to find out much more about your camera and how to get the best out from it in the future. We look at composition, perspectives, textures, leading lines, creating narrative and also how to take control of aperture and shutter speed plus much more.

What Do I Need?

To get involved all you have to do is bring along your camera to take part. It can be anything from a digital compact through to an SLR and if you want to shoot 35mm film, cool! If you don’t have your own camera we have a selection of digital compacts you are free to borrow for the workshop (please let us know in advance). We can even offer 35mm SLRs for you to use if you like. Even if you just bring along your cameraphone you’ll learn loads that’ll make a big difference to your mobile photography.

Summer 2017 Walkshops

Locations include: Southsea Seafront (including one for the Rowing Regatta), Warblington, Langstone Village, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Warsash, Hamble, Eastney Beach, Chichester Canal, Portsmouth City Streets, Itchenor, Bosham & Portchester Castle.

We also have 4 evening walkshops for night photography fans, with locations including Eastney, Southsea and Old Portsmouth plus a sunset walkshop on Southsea Beach.

All walkshops are still only £10 and are booked online, with payment then via PayPal or cash on the day.

The Photography Walkshops for Summer 2017 are as follows:

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Southsea Seafront

Saturday 15th July, 2pm to 4pm

We will be starting off at South Parade Pier and heading east along the prom & beach to the Southsea Regatta for rowing. Canoe Lake and Southsea beach will be busy with rowing clubs, teams, rowers and boats from all over the south and we’ll be photographing them racing from the water’s edge too.

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Warsash

Saturday 22nd July, 10am to 12pm

The small village of Warsash lies on the easterly side of the Hamble River, just norther of where it meets the Solent We’ll be exploring the quayside and boatyard area initially before setting off north along the riverside path. Along the path are wetlands with old wooden bridges and old boats. Depending on time we might even catch the famous pink ferry for photos on the river (cost not included).

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Eastney at Night

Saturday 22nd July, 9pm to 11pm

We’ll be creating some long exposure photography at night in Eastney, including boats and seascapes plus experimenting with light painting in and around the small boats and on the shoreline.

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Langstone

Saturday 12th August, 10am to 12pm

The small village of Langstone lies where Langstone Harbour meets Chichester Harbour. We’ll be exploring the shoreline with it’s historic old buildings, the once busy old quayside, Smuggler’s Mill, the millpond and out to the far shoreline. The channel here was used before the Hayling Island bridge was built so depending on the tide we might see old signs of the crossing path.

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Eastney Fort Beach

Saturday 12th August, 2pm to 4pm

Explore the entrance to Langstone Harbour from The Solent, from the Hayling Ferry departure point and the many old boats on the shoreline, down to the open beaches and the concrete structures. Expect to see a busy harbour with many different types of boats, wonderful textures of old houseboats and shingle beach plus the concrete pier and wide open views of the Solent.

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Chichester Canal

Monday 14th August, 10am to 12pm

We will be starting off at the Chichester Canal basin in Chichester and exploring the edges, the boats, the architecture and views. We will then be heading off down the canal itself, discovering old features of the canal and the wildlife that call it home.

Monday 14th August, 9pm to 11pm

For this walkshop we’ll be creating some long exposure photography at night on Southsea Seafront, including exploring around Canoe Lake, along the beach, on the promenade and down to the pier, plus experimenting with light painting along the way.

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Dockyard

Tuesday 15th August, 10am to 12pm

We will be exploring the open access areas of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, looking at the recently restored and upgraded Boathouse 4, the old, historic buildings, the views of HMS Warrior, HMS Victory, HMS M.33 and more. Expect to see capture lots of Portsmouth’s naval history, hidden reminders of the dockyard’s working history and views of the basin and harbour.

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Portsmouth City Centre

Saturday 19th August, 10am to 12pm

On this photography walkshop we’ll be exploring lots of the urban landscape in Portsmouth’s city centre. We’ll be taking in some classic architectural landmarks and also some of the forgotten corners hidden away. Expect to see lots of interesting architectural & structural views, textures, light and shadow and much more.

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Farlington Marshes

Saturday 19th August, 2pm to 4pm

Discover the landscape and wildlife of Portsmouth’s Langstone Harbour with a photo walkshop that covers Farlington Marshes at the north of the harbour’s edge. Expect to see different habitats, WWII buildings and wildlife such as migratory birds.

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Southsea Sunset

Saturday 19th August, 8pm to 10pm

This walkshop focuses on photographing during sunset and dusk at the historic South Parade Pier. We will meet outside South Parade Pier before making our way down on to the beach as the sun begins to set. We’ll be out on the low tide beach to the western side of the pier catching the warm light on the pier and over the Solent. As the sun settles more we’ll make our way to the easterly side of the pier and using tripods look to take long exposure photos as the sun sets behind the pier. With the sun set and dusk settling in we’ll look at more long exposure photos either on the beach or at Canoe Lake.

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Hamble

Monday 21st August, 10am to 12pm

The river Hamble shoreline is a diverse mix of busy quayside & marinas and quiet, natural river views and woodland. We’ll be walking through the riverside village of Hamble-le-Rice and down to the busy river itself before making our way south following the river as it heads to The Solent.

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Southsea Seafront

Saturday 9th September, 10am to 12pm

We’ll be starting off at the Rose Gardens in Southsea, looking at different focusing techniques before moving down to the colourful beach huts trying out different composition styles. From here we move down on to the beautiful Southsea beach with views out over the Solent. We’ll concentrate on different ways of capturing new views of familiar places before making our way over to Canoe Lake (and the resident swans). We’ll try out some narrative techniques and some wildlife photography before finishing the walkshop at the historic South Parade Pier.

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Warblington

Saturday 9th September, 2pm to 4pm

The small village of Warblington lies hidden in between Langstone and Emsworth. We will begin by exploring the historic old church before making our way through beautiful countryside down to the shore of Chichester Harbour. We will then explore along the shoreline looking for interesting perspectives and details.

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Nautical Itchenor

Saturday 16th September, 10am to 12pm

Itchenor is an old village that is a hub for sailing right on Chichester Harbour. We will begin the walk by meeting at the Chichester Harbour Conservancy harbour office before exploring down on to the shoreline, looking at the small craft on the shore and the yachts out at the water. We’ll make our way down on to the main pontoon and photography the harbour channel before making our way back to the shore and down and through the historic shipyard before making our way through to the shore path and we’ll then explore along the harbour edge.

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Historic Bosham

Saturday 16th September, 2pm to 4pm

Bosham is a beautiful, historic village on at the end of the Bosham Channel of Chichester Harbour. We’ll be starting off in the village before making our way down to Holy Trinity Church, one of the oldest churches in Sussex. We’ll explore the church grounds before making our way across the common and down to the waterline. From here we can explore the water’s edge and over to the channel and sailing club sheds. We’ll go back past the old mill and down to the mudflats at low tide. If we’re lucky the ice-cream van will be down by the shoreline where we end up.

Strong Island Photography Walkshop - Portchester Castle

Saturday 23rd September, 10am to 12pm

We’ll be starting off in the castle carpark and walking down to the main gate and then around the exterior of the castle wall perimeter. We’ll look at ways of capturing the different areas of the castle, the textures and the historical elements on the walls, etc. We’ll go down to the harbour-side gate and take photos using the old spiral staircase before going out to the harbour edge. From here we’ll be walking around the outer walls with stunning views out over Portsmouth Harbour. We’ll finish off exploring the woodland to the south of the castle (if there is time).

Strong Island Photo Walkshop - Old Portsmouth at Night

Saturday 23rd September, 8pm to 10pm

For this walkshop we’ll be creating some long exposure photography at night in Old Portsmouth, including boats and views of Portsmouth Harbour and the Spinnaker Tower plus experimenting with light painting.


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