The Isle Of Wight Randonnee 2012 – Team Stro...

The Isle Of Wight Randonnee 2012 – Team Strong Island

Just over a year ago, a group of Strong Islanders were sat on the Isle of Wight ferry on our way to the yearly Randonnee cycling event; 60 miles around the island spread across 5 checkpoints. Whilst on the crossing we couldn’t help but admire various enthusiasts and their custom team jerseys. Fast forward a year and it is my great pleasure to unveil the Strong Island cycling jersey. Made as a one off for the event, the jersey is our way of representing this city and all the values that come with it. Thanks to the combined designing efforts of Chris Ballingall and Tristan Savage, we were able to produce this clean, retro looking jersey that 11 of Southsea’s finest could wear to conquer the island’s endless hills. Well done chaps.


  1. Team spaniels

    7 May

    Nice – when they going on general release???? 🙂

  2. That all depends Jay, watch this space.

  3. Andrew

    7 May

    Look great, I’d so wear that – want one.

  4. phill chinn

    7 May

    i want one ! you have to make some more, they’d be a winner for sure.

  5. Ben Mills

    8 May

    Jodie’s beard = Epic

  6. Charlie

    8 May

    I’m currently in talks with Team Sky in order to get him a carbon fibre version…

  7. Josie

    20 May

    Very Nice Jerseys!! i really want a jersey but it’s hard to find one that i like and would wear. I like these 🙂 Are they going to be available to purchase and in little peoples size?

  8. Charie

    20 May

    Sup Josie. there could well be a limited release for general sale, will give everyone who has commented here a heads up as and when.

  9. Charie

    20 May

    PS: You still selling you caps? Will be putting an order through soon.

  10. Paul Gonella

    21 May

    Need one of these too!

  11. Chris

    21 May

    I’d definitely wanna get hold of one of the cycling jerseys too in an extra small or small if they do end up getting released :).

  12. Caroline

    23 May

    Tom and I would love a couple 🙂

  13. Carly

    17 July

    Hiya,will these go on general sale? Thanks

  14. Charlie

    17 July

    Hey Carly, to be honest we don’t fully know at this point in time, producing large numbers of jerseys is a slightly different ball game to producing tees. But if we do, everyone who has commented will be the first to know! Thanks for the interest.x

  15. Charlie

    17 July

    Also bear in mind that anything is possible in the world of Strong Island!

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