Review: Slant at The Loft

I have a confession to make. I have missed live music.

Two years of a worldwide pandemic put everything in perspective very quickly as we realised that those carefree days of going to gigs, the delicious feeling of discovering a new favourite band, watching a show or even the collective sweaty energy of a crowd of strangers jumping in the mosh pit was what made life more than tolerable.

It was essential, like breathing and we all mourned the loss.

The Neu Waves sessions at the Loft last night then felt like a welcome return and a reclamation of rights for Brighton’s punk alt-rockers SLANT; a band that came of age during lockdown – the subject used as a jumping off point for their debut EP tour ‘My Friends Are All Machines.’ Having played the Seaside Stage at Victorious in 2021, they returned to Southsea self-assured, wearing matching monochrome suits, and black visors, with a blistering intimate set that demanded attention.

And what a rush it was. The female-fronted quintet had echoes of everything from Blondie, Bowie and Joy Division to No Doubt thrown into the mix, while the tongue was planted firmly in the cheek with tunes that provided a bang of the social message with swagger. Single Haircut screamed of individuality and was a crowd favourite dropping the tempos, while 75” TV Screen called out consumerism and conformity with panache, and Nightcrawlers oozed layers of angst. The set closed with Wallow City, a delightful romp of an anthem declaring the need “to feel alive, to feel something” which seems wildly appropriate given that’s exactly what was delivered in spades.

All the feels, and thrills for a band that is definitely going places.

Photos: PR Provided


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