Gig Review: Fast Trains at the Wedgewood Rooms

Gig Review: Fast Trains at the Wedgewood Rooms

Walking through the double doors into the main stage was quite a shock to the system. After 490 days since I’d last set foot in The Wedgewood Rooms, seeing the floor filled with distanced tables and chairs and lit up with lights was truly euphoric.

The first gig back… what an experience! I was excited and also somehow a little nervous as to what it was going to be like, and I can assure you, it was a pleasurable experience.

On entry, we were asked to check in with the Track & Trace app of course and were guided to our seats. We ordered our drinks through the Butlr app and within a few minutes our drinks arrived, definitely a quicker way of ordering than elbowing your way through the bar, pre-covid.

The first act was Chris Pearce, the lead in local band Foxer and a last-minute stand-in for Tom Bryan, who had unfortunately had to pull out of the gig due to contracting Covid and isolating. Whilst I was saddened to not see Tom play, I was pleasantly surprised by Chris’ set. Playing tracks “Other Side” and “Slingshot” along with my personal favourite “On Repeat”. “A couple more for ya and then I’ll bugger off” he sniggered towards the end.

Next up was, the charming duo from Me and the Moon. Having not released anything in 3 years they joke with the crowd that, they’ve had a lot of time to write new songs through lockdown, like many others, they chuckle to themselves. Bringing some fun and delicate indie/pop to the mix they play the likes of “Stangers” and my favourite “Cutting You Loose”. They jest that the rest of their band weren’t able to join and then compare them to 90’s band Hanson, promising us a rendition of Mmbop at the end of their set!

Lastly, Mr Tom Wells himself, the lead in Fast Trains takes to the stage. “That was a bigger cheer than I expected!” Armed with an hourglass and a guitar he informs the crowd that he will be playing his set in two parts. This truly was a performance not to be missed with aspects of looping as well as special guests Andrew Foster and Chris Pearce joining him on stage. With their EP just having dropped in April, it was a great experience to be able to sing his songs faintly in the crowd along with Tomhim. “This gig means more now, as it means The Wedge is back. This is for all of The Wedge staff who have had to put up with loads of shit this past year and a half”.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit back to The Wedgewood Rooms. The new refurbishments they’ve undergone, have made the venue even more spectacular if that is even possible?! And I can’t wait to go back already!

Words and Photo: Lizzie Kenyon


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