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As we all very well know (or should know), Southsea is a real hub of creativeness, and many have been sucked helplessly into its light over the years. And that was no different for Diane Brueil, the Paris native behind eco-embroidery business Didi’s Design. Launching her own shop on Etsy, Diane has a frequent presence at The Traders Keep events and Castle Road markets.

“Southsea is an amazing place to start a small business, that’s what drew me in,” says Diane.

“There is a real sense of community here and people are happy to help. I love the fact it is quite a small place so everyone can actually talk to each other and share life experiences.”

Diane started her business in May 2007 after realising that embroidery would be a nice and creative way to reproduce her drawings in 3D. At the time she was selling framed originals and illustrations, some t-shirts with a printed pocket, using her illustrations and printed tote bags at the Palmerston Road markets.

“I was struggling to find the right suppliers so in January 2018 I decided to invest into an embroidery machine to be able to make everything by myself. I got use to the machine and worked on new designs and launched my new brand in March 2018. Emboridery can be very decorative and I wanted to create something a bit more original than just printing.”

Diane studied graphic design for four years in Paris before deciding to broaden her horizons and go travelling. The influence of those experiences and of her hometown clearly influenced her work and style and helped her to focus on a vision for the business. The detailed style of her drawing is Diane’s self-confessed Parisian style shining through and the nature of her inspiration and the eco-conscious way of working is coming from travelling around the world.

Says Diane: “My goal is to become entirely organic in three years’ time. I would also love making fully-designed garments in the future and would also love a shop to be able to do some workshops and creative meetings.”

Article written by Lewis Brown.

Southsea is an amazing place to start a small business, that’s what drew me in.

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