Pompey Preserves By Foodcycle

There are two things that are pretty important in my culinary life; first of all is that I keep my food waste to a bare minimum, and secondly, that I keep my pantry stocked with a veritable arsenal of chutneys and pickles. This sealed produce is guaranteed to enliven any meal, cost you next to nothing and potentially last all year round. So it is with much excitement that our local Foodcycle is now offering you a chance to get your hands on a variety of exclusive Pompey Preserves. Sign me up for two Kimchis please.

“Do you want to help reduce food waste and food poverty in your local community? Are you keen to try innovative new flavours in your cooking? If so, then come along to Tesco Extra at Fratton Park on Saturday 30th July from 11am – 4pm where a team of volunteers will be selling Pompey Preserves in order to raise funds for FoodCycle Portsmouth. Pompey Preserves is a brand new initiative from FoodCycle Portsmouth and features a range of delicious jams, preserves and pickles to complement your food! Drop by to sample our tasty new offerings and have a chat with some of our FoodCycle volunteers.

We will be showcasing new and exciting products, such as the Korean supper dish Kimchi, alongside twists on old favourites, including Berry and Basil Jam, Grapefruit Marmalade and Pickled Cucumber. The preserves are all made locally by Gail, one of our volunteers, using surplus food from our community meals. Gail says that ‘Even after having fed 30-40 guests with the food donated by our partners, there was often fresh produce left. Rather than allowing it to go on the compost heap, I looked for another way to use it and came up with jam, pickles and preserves – Pompey Preserves’.

All of Pompey Preserves are available by donation! The aim is to raise the much needed funds necessary to continue our work. FoodCycle Portsmouth provides free, flavoursome and nutritious meals twice a week for vulnerable people in the local community. These take place every Tuesday evening at the John Pounds Centre, and Thursday evening at King’s Church, Somerstown; helping to promote social inclusion by providing a friendly and welcoming environment to eat with others.
If you’re passionate about reducing food waste and want to support FoodCycle Portsmouth then get down to Tesco Fratton on 30th July and check out Pompey Preserves! Thanks to Sally and Gemma in Tesco Community Engagement Team for their fantastic support.”

You can also check out the time I attended Foodcycle Portsmouth’s Thursday evening community meal, at King’s Church, here.

Photo taken from Foodcycle FB page.


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