Portsmouth Collectors Get to Be Part of the City&#...

Portsmouth Collectors Get to Be Part of the City’s Next Big Exhibition

Portsmouth City Museum has been home to some fantastic exhibitions recently, with the temporary city residency of a mummy for the Secret Egypt exhibition, the engaging Tricorn: Controversy in Concrete bringing the brutalist structure back to life in a community context plus the most recent Lest We Forget bringing the lives of Portsmouth people from the Great War back in clear focus. The upcoming exhibition A Hard Choice, which starts on 14 February will feature around 120 favourite objects from the city’s museum collection, chosen by collections manager Rosalinda Hardiman. The exhibition will reveal many of the treasures that form the Portsmouth City Collection and help detail the role of a curator who works with such a huge collection.

Local collectors (curators!) are being given a chance to show their most prized treasures to the wider world by getting involved with A Hard Choice. To take part you can apply to Portsmouth Museum for a chance to have highlights from your personal collection put on public show alongside the main exhibition. Judges will pick their favourite three collections, and a selection from each one will be displayed for two months, between March and September.

Cllr Linda Symes, Portsmouth City Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport, said: “We’re very lucky to have some wonderful treasures on view in our museums, which belong to the city’s collection…but it’s not often that ordinary people get a chance to show the world their collections ­ – the treasures they’re passionate about.

We’re calling this project the Community Collections Showcase, because a selection from each collection will be in its own showcase in the exhibition. Anyone who lives in Portsmouth can apply to have their collection considered. We want to hear why they collect what they do, and what makes the objects so fascinating.”

You can find out how to apply HERE. The closing date is 15th February.

Strong Island will be helping to celebrate and share the Portsmouth City Collection throughout the A Hard Choice exhibition, revealing the collection’s past, present & future plus the many different aspects of a collection forming 100s of thousands of objects, paintings, photographs and much more.

'Portsmouth Harbour' by Edmund T. Crawford
‘Portsmouth Harbour’ by Edmund T. Crawford, a fine art oil painting and part of the the Portsmouth City Collection.


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