Summer of Sherlock

Summer of Sherlock!


This summer sees a huge celebration of all things Sherlock Holmes in the city with ‘Summer of Sherlock’, a fantastic series of events and workshops that all aim to connect people from all over the city with the new exhibition at Portsmouth City Museum and the city’s incredible Arthur Conan Doyle collection. The events are as follows:

…a fantastic series of events and workshops that all aim to connect people from all over the city…

Wednesday 1st August
Sherlock Science
Portsmouth City Museum, 11am-3pm, FREE

A science extravaganza! Come and see some wonderful theatrical experiments in Sherlock’s chemistry lab.

Wednesday 1st August
Somerstown Community Centre – The Hub, 6pm-8pm, FREE

Codebreaking, chemistry and fingerprints and nothing like school!

Thursday 2nd February
Football with a Difference
Portsea Youth Club, John Pounds Centre, 5pm-7pm, FREE

A game of footie with a different twist – find out what surfing, cricket balls and bowling have in common!

Friday 10th August
Sherlock on TV
Paulsgrove & Wymering Youth Club, 1pm-3pm, FREE

Presenting the oldest of scripts using the most modern of technology! Back stage or in front of the camera – all welcome!

Monday 13th August
Arthur’s War – the Great Debate
The Cosham Library, 4pm-7pm, FREE

Looking at Arthur Conan Doyle’s relationship with the Boar War, come along for a lively entertaining debate!

An introduction to the causes of the Boer War and Arthur Conan Doyle’s involvement with it, as well as a look at objections and opposition to the war.

Wednesday 15th August
SFX Make-Up
Charles Dickens Activity Centre, 6pm-8:30pm, FREE

Scars, wounds or a different face are all possible here!

Thursday 16th August
Sherlock’s Poisons
Round Tower, Hot Walls, Old Portsmouth, 6pm-9pm, FREE (Booking Required)

“The facts, as you state them, are certainly most remarkable…” Adventure, danger & friendship…See Sherlock Holmes in action with a fantastic new production from Lantern Light Theatre Company!

The Victorian era – a time when drugs & poisons were barely regulated and as easily available as tea and coffee! Into this world was born Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous detective – Sherlock Holmes. A detective who would both work with and fall victim to their deadly pull…Including the much-loved case of ‘The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot’ – join the mysterious, narcissistic detective and his faithful chronicler, the brave, honest Dr John Watson for the journey of a lifetime!

Playing for one night only in the beautiful, atmospheric setting of The Round Tower.  Suitable for adults.

Tickets can be reserved at:


Friday 17th August
My Dear Laddie, a Daddy and His Sons
Palmerston Road Library (Southsea), 1pm-4pm, FREE

My Dear Laddie: It’s the holidays! Hurray! What do you do for fun with your family? Have you ever played cricket on a ship’s deck? Or gone hunting in Africa? Arthur Conan Doyle has!

Come and join Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for an exploration of families old and new in a fun workshop based around Victorian family life.

Wednesday 22nd August
The Adventures of Conan Doyle
Portsmouth City Museum, 11:45am-1:45pm, FREE

Calling all explorers! A free interactive story-telling show based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s travel adventures. Not just a stuffy old writer, he was also an explorer – and an adventurer! Did you know he spent 6 months working as a surgeon on a whaling ship? Whoa! Or that he and his family travelled to Egypt, Australia and across the USA? He also spent a year in Vienna studying ophthalmology? Hang on! What’s ophthalmology?!

Join in for a fun adventure across the globe…with singing, dancing and plenty of audience participation. Suitable for children ages 4+ and their families.


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