Creating Balance London Exhibition Tonight

Creating Balance London Exhibition Tonight

Tonight is the night. The Creating Balance exhibition is all set up ready to go and the last of the collaboration films are finished and we’re all ready for the opening of the exhibition this evening. A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in helping make this project a reality, that includes all of the artists, designers and photographers, Max & Jonas who produced the collaboration films and most importantly Simon at Anglepoise and Claire Sambrook. A big thank you to Portsmouth expat Gorm who helped set up the show last night too.

The whole project was, like most Strong Island art projects, completely unfunded from normal funding sources such as the Arts Council and depended on everyone involved in volunteering their time and creativity in making it happen. Anglepoise were very kind in donating all of the lamps that were used and customised and which became the catalyst for many of the collaborations. We’re very grateful for the University of Portsmouth providing a little post project funding that has covered the printing costs for the exhibition and all of the free promo packs.

We’ll be posting up the last of the films a little later today and we’re all looking forward to seeing everyone up in that there London later!



  1. BArry Abrook

    13 September

    Fantastic night…everyone happy and a good turn out.
    Met lovely people with positive Portsmouth vibes.
    Huge thanks to everyone involved and for having us.
    Claire for President! Cheers Anglepoise and of course Strong Island People xxxx

  2. Claire Sambrook

    13 September

    thanks Barry for coming up and Roo and Jet 😀 such a great buzz and it is all coming back to Portsmouth! big up the Portsmouth Creative Strong Island.

  3. exhibition was really amazing.I enjoyed there and met with some lovely girls who loved the festival very much. Great thanks to the people who arranged this awesome festival

  4. Thanks for sharing lovely article. I enjoyed the exhibition very much with my school friends. I learned lot of things from the exhibition.Thanks to the exhibition organizing committee.

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