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Anglepoise, Strong Island and The University of Portsmouth Present The Creating Balance Project

We are very proud to announce The Creating Balance Project, a new, collaborative project between Anglepoise, Strong Island & the University of Portsmouth to celebrate a design classic and local creativity in Portsmouth. The project aims to showcase the working studios and disciplines of artists and designers across the island and connect them to local photographers to capture, document and collaborate.

Anglepoise lamps have been given to each of the 10 participating artists/designers and the 10 photographers involved have used the lamps to light the photographs, give a sense of place and document the artist, where they work & how they create. During the collaboration sessions University of Portsmouth BSc TV and Broadcast students Massimo Marzullo and Jonas Jakunas have been documenting the project, producing short films for each collaboration.

Later this summer key images from each photographer will be printed and displayed with the films, lamps, photos and more in an exhibition in Portsmouth and one in London (TBA).

The collaborations are:

Andrew Whyte & Peter Clutterbuck
Matt Sills & Lorna Apps-Woodland
Paul Gonella & Tristan Savage
Russell Squires & Farkfk
Josh Knill & I Love Dust
Thor Haley & William Pounds
Rob Luckins & Roo + Barry Abrook
Cotton Candy & Neal Layton + Sadie Tierney
Matt Saxey & Deer Park Alpha
My Dog Sighs & Jack Daly

The project is progressing over the next couple of months and already two films are finished and many collaborations complete. Below are the completed collaboration films and we will be posting updates on The Creating Balance Project regularly here on Strong Island. To keep up to date with the project also please check the Creating Balance website where you can see loads of photos from behind the scenes of the collaborations.


A huge thank you to Claire Sambrook, Simon at Anglepoise and everyone involved.

The Creating Balance Project

The Creating Balance Project (3)

The Creating Balance Project (4)

The Creating Balance Project (5)

The Creating Balance Project (1)


  1. claire

    14 April

    this project wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of Anglepoise and all the super talented people involved – exciting outcomes happening over the course of the next few months.

  2. Dan Tidbury

    15 April

    Sorry to hear Mayhem!(created local)Magazine couldn’t be involved. Next time perhaps.

  3. claire

    15 April

    Hi Dan – the project was between local artists/designers and photographers – magazines not part of this. Do you feature locals then? I thought a lot of interviews were not Portsmouth based or perhaps I read the wrong magazine :]

  4. Daniel Tidbury

    15 April

    I don’t fully understand your reasoning. The magazine is the final product of ‘local creative’ output, and often features people and events in Portsmouth. That being said, from what I understand based on the information in the post, your project is about the people, not the final products of those people. If this argument was the case, then every client of each designer/photographer/studio participating should also be Portsmouth based/related. No? Despite the fantastic work produced by your participants, some of whom I follow, it’s somewhat sad to see that it’s often the same names involved. It would great to see some new faces in the playground. I welcome your feedback furthermore. Cheers.

  5. Claire Sambrook

    15 April

    Hi again – 12 of the 20 people have not been involved in Strong Island projects before neither have the students.
    The outcome will be posters, exhibition in Portsmouth and London and a small zine.
    I am not sure what Mayhem’s role would be? a feature? :]

  6. Daniel Tidbury

    15 April

    Lol, no, you missed my point completely. Students aside, you’re HIGHLIGHTING local creatives, but ignoring so much local talent by operating within your own network. It’s not about Mayhem! providing a role. It’s about the people behind it being recognised as creatives within this community. Your project is called ‘The Creating Balance Project’, yet by it’s fundamental being as a project to ‘celebrate local creativity in Portsmouth’ it’s totally off balance.

  7. Paul Gonella

    16 April

    Daniel, first, we have featured both Mayhem and you personally on Strong Island previously, you even had a photo posted on Strong Island on an almost weekly basis for a while. To be honest I am not overly aware of the rest of the team at the moment or their creative output (minus the magazine, of course) but we live in a busy, diverse, creative city and run on a voluntary, free basis and can never cover as much as we would love to, at the moment.

    Concerning the ‘playground’, this project hasn’t just come out of thin air, it has been carefully planned long before progressing and we held of announcing until collaborations had happened and films had been produced by the students. The selections were initially done many months ago and as Claire says, many either haven’t been involved in SI projects previously and some hadn’t been profiled on SI until after they had been selected for the project. Not only are there finite resources with the lights and the practicalities of the exhibitions but there is also the time required for a project of this scale…there was no way from the get go we could feature everyone we would like to, thankfully due to how creative this city is right now.

  8. Dan Tidbury

    16 April

    Forgive me. I wish the project well and look forward to seeing the fantastic results. Thank you for allowing this conversation.

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