£1000 Reward to find Dinosaur Arsonist

£1000 Reward to find Dinosaur Arsonist

With the amount of publicity and pure anger that last weeks arson attack on the Ultrasaurus has created, it’s no surprise that people have rallied together to created fund raising groups and commemorative Facebook pages, but I must admit I didn’t see a reward to catch the culprit coming.

“The shocking destruction of Southsea’s giant dinosaur has prompted businesses to offer a £1,000 reward and a year’s free pizza for information about those responsible. The Betting Room, in Albert Road, and Fry & Kent estate agents, in Stanley Street, have pledged rewards of £750 and £250 respectively, and are calling on other businesses to do the same. Mozzarella Joes, the dinosaur’s closest neighbour, has also offered free pizzas for a year to anyone coming forward with information.”

Owner of the Betting Room Peter Higgins said “In classic Portsmouth style we have shot ourselves in the foot. We are in a city which needs to encourage more tourism and this is going to make people ask what the point is of creating great attractions like this, if they are just going to get destroyed.”

Anyone with information should call Southsea Police station on 101.

Check out the full News article HERE and follow the community via Facebook over at RIP Southsea Dinosaur and the fund raising hopefuls at Ultrasauros Community.

Kite Festival Photograph: Hannah Mapplebeck on Facebook


  1. The Ville

    6 October

    Jumping the gun a bit??

    Looks like it was an accident.
    Can’t read The News report because the web site is down, but I assume an electrical fault is to blame.

  2. Dan

    10 October

    @The vile – Why do you assume it was an accident? … It didnt move or anything and consequently didnt have any electricity in or around it for their to be a fault.

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