Interview: Caity Baser

Hailed as a one to watch by many including Rolling Stone UK, The Independent, NME and more, the 20-year-old pop singer from Southampton, Caity Baser has seen her enormous fanbase explode in a matter of months. NME has selected her as one of their NME 100 – a handpicked selection of acts who will change the face of music in 2023. I was fortunate enough to have some time to catch up with Caity prior to her upcoming show at the Engine Rooms.

Could you tell me about how you initially got involved with music and who influenced you most? 
I’d say my brothers and family because they were always pushing me to sing and post myself on social media and stuff. We’d always sing together in the evenings (me and my brothers) it was so much, fun I miss it.

How old were you when you first started to play the piano? And was there a particular reason why you chose that instrument?
I was about 11 or 12 years old I think? It was when I started secondary school and I had so many more facilities to use than I did before. I used to sit in the music rooms all the time and teach myself the piano. Idk why I chose piano in particular it was just the easiest one for me for some reason.

For those who are new to your music which three tracks would you encourage them to check out first and why?
I’d say ‘x&y’, ‘friendly sex’ and ‘pretty boys’. Just because they feel like you could get to know me as a person thru those songs also they’re certified bangers.

Was there one particular point in your life where you remember making a conscious decision that you wanted to become a professional musician? 
I always wanted to be a musician forever but it just seemed so impossible. Even when I got discovered on TikTok I didn’t plan on that at all it just happened! But I’ve always had that drive in me to be a singer for as long as I can remember.

How do you feel when you share your music for the first time? Do you prefer to share new music live where you can see the crowd’s reaction first-hand or online perhaps? 
Either or. I love all my songs so much and I understand that it’s not gunna be for everyone and that’s okay! I love posting it online cuz I get that instant response as soon as I’ve made the song. Whereas with live shows some of the songs that are ‘new’ I made months ago uno. But either way, I love sharing my music however that may be.

What bands and artists are you currently listening to and how are they inspiring you to explore and implement new ideas with your music?
I honestly love everyone and every sort of music ever. It’s always changing aha. One day it’s techno the next it’s 50s music so it’s hard to say which one is inspiring me specifically. It’s just a mixture of everything I guess I’m inspired every day.

In a previous interview you cited Freddie Mercury, Ella Fitzgerald and The Carpentars as some of your favourite artists, is this based on influences from others, perhaps your parents? 
Yeah for sure. My mum and dad really love music. We’d always listen to what they did growing up or what they used to like. Which was cool because I love pretty much all of it. ‘At last’ by Etta James is my favourite song in the whole world and my mumma showed me that so yeah. Love it all!!!

You’ve moved from Southampton to Brighton, was it important to you to remain in a coastal city and be near the sea?
Yeah, I really love the sea so much. Brighton is a really beautiful place I forget how lucky I am to live there sometimes. Just having the beach and cliffs and all this space next to you is so nice. A lot goes on all the time so it’s nice to go somewhere where no one can find u on a little beach somewhere ahaha.

For those fortunate enough to have tickets to your shows what can they expect?
BIG VIBES! Lots of fun, old and new music, killer dance moves and smiles everywhere.

Are you looking forward to seeing some old friends within the crowd in your homecoming show at the Engine Rooms?
Yeah!!!! It’s gunna be so cool I’ve never actually done a show in Southampton before. So it’s gunna be fun. Also, the Engine Rooms is a place me and my mates go to sometimes so that’ll be funny to have me up on the stage instead of bussin a move on the dance floor.

strong>What can we expect from you over the next twelve months?
NEW MUSIC! Collaborations :))))) Festivals, lots of fun events to meet everyone, maybe another tour and good vibes always.

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