Gig Review: GoldenTouch Festival at Wedgewood Room...

Crystal Tides

Gig Review: GoldenTouch Festival at Wedgewood Rooms

Two years in the making (for obvious reasons!), GoldenTouch Festival made its long awaited return, showcasing 18 bands in one day across 2 stages at The Wedgewood Rooms & The Edge of the Wedge. What more could a music fan ask for after 18 months of live music abyss!

The line up showcased a range of bands and artists from across the UK, including Bang Bang Romeo, Casey Lowry, Bash!, The Clause, Flowvers  and Crystal Tides!

Mark (Butler) and I began the day by having a meet up for a coffee with fellow photographer Tony Palmer, discussing amongst other things are plan of attack for the day across the stages. We all agreed that it was great to be back out at live music events again and to be photographing some of the best new signed, unsigned and touring bands out there.

The day would see us darting between the stages every half an hour, which was like going between a sauna and a cold shower! The heat in the Edge met by the fridge like cold of the Wedge. The refurbishment of the whole of the venue is great to experience with the new floors, lighting rigs, stages amongst many other nice touches, has given the Wedge that fresh new lease of life.

The Clause
Sarpa Salpa

There were a few stand out bands during the day for both Mark and myself; the lads from Birmingham, The Clause, lit up the Wedge with their swagger, attitude and big riffs! Singer/songwriter, Emilia Tarrant slowed down the pace in the Edge with her beautifully crafted, piano based ballads with ‘If You Want Love’ as a favourite. Casey Lowry was in fine form during his set with his up beat, care free vibe and his very catchy numbers.  This was all before joint headliners, Bang Bang Romeo, fronted by the commanding figure of Stars Walker, brought their brand of in your face rock that fully immersed & engaged the crowd, which included the singer going out into the crowd herself!

Bang Bang Romeo

Crystal Tides took to the stage in front of a vociferous crowd and delivered arguably the best set of the day! There was a great energy about the room as the lads rolled through their numbers which included ‘Headcase’, ‘Courtney Love’, ‘Last Time’ and ‘Backbiting’. The band have become better & better over the years and it can only be a matter of time before they are signed!

Casey Lowry
Crystal Tides

The festival was a complete success with music fans & bands all enjoying being able to be back in the room, there was a real sense of togetherness throughout the whole day where bands were supporting each other (even lending kit when guitar strings broke) and gig goers coming together for that shared experience that they have been so longing for!

Big well done to all involved and big shout out to Billy Fitzjohn for bringing this day together for everyone, at one point having to re-schedule bands on his birthday, the day before the doors were due to open! Here’s to next year’s festival being an even greater success!

Emilia Tarrant


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