South Parade Pier Painting by Richard Baker

South Parade Pier Painting by Richard Baker

Whilst researching some things for some upcoming articles about the South Parade Pier I found this painting of the pier, painted by artist Richard Baker in 1992. Loving the loose illustrative style and muted colour palette, sometimes the beach and pier can look it’s most striking in winter and this has that feel.

Click on the image below to see the painting as a bigger image and also see more of Richard Baker’s work including paintings of the Camber and Southsea from the 70s and 80s, right the way through to contemporary paintings around Hampshire. recommended.


South Parade Pier Painting by Richard Baker


  1. Daniel Tidbury

    13 February

    WOW…. really nice. Quentin Blake-esque… Lovely.

  2. Leon Reis

    23 March

    Yes, I love that too — and my organisation http://www.PeoplesPier.org — is trying to save South Parade Pier, which is currently closed by the council as unsafe.
    No major maintenance work has been done under the new owners since they took it over nearly thtee years ago, despite it needing £150k p.a. just to stand still, and despite £450,000 of urgent works identified on the sub-structure two years ago in an engineers’ report.
    Portsmouth City Council has been refusing to order repairs, which it has power to do as the pier is Grade II listed throughout. But now the council is working with my organisation, South Parade the People’s Pier, to try to save this beloved building.
    The problem is the owners won’t repair, but they won’t sell either. The only solution to this impasse is use of the council’s powers.
    The excellent people at Strong Island are helping us formulate some important parts of our business plan, especially in relation to what facilities we believe the pier should offer the local community and in particular local artists and musicians.
    Thank you, Strong Island!
    We are about to launch a fighting fund to take this further. Our aims are simple — to ensure the pier is repaired, made safe and reopened with guaranteed public access, if necessary with new ownership which we hope would involve many local people.
    Please keep an eye on http://www.PeoplesPier.org and help us when we launch our cash appeal soon!

  3. claire

    23 March

    thanks Leon. Please keep Strong Island updated with plans and any help you need in spreading the message then please let us know.

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