Unmade Radio Launching Monday

We know 2020 wasn’t ideal but we’re looking forward and not backwards. The new year is starting off more positively with the launch of Unmade Radio, an exciting new venture from the south coast’s finest DJs.

Unmade is a Portsmouth based community radio station offering a platform for DJs and sounds that are not currently represented within local nightlife or radio. unmade will bring bedroom DJs out of their bedrooms, bring unlikely collaborators together, and give Portsmouth stalwarts the opportunity to express themselves outside of their usual confines.

They describe Unmade as “inclusive, reactive and always progressive. The sound will be new, forward-thinking, alternative or rare, but never none of the above. unmade will cover a wide spectrum of genres – if it’s good, it’s good.

“Unmade will be a creative hub that will aim to intersect the contrasting elements of Portsmouth’s music scene by bringing music lovers together. Everyone will have a voice. Only by being totally inclusive can we push the future of music in the city whilst paying homage to its past!”

Looking at the list of DJs and shows there really is something to satisfy everyone’s taste. If you’ve attended any of the recent Portsmouth Creates markets then you’ll have heard some of the team playing some tunes while you browsed the stalls. Personally, I’m really looking forward to listening to the likes of Sam Foote, Dobbo, Highlights of Our Modern World, Wax Equities, Southsea Alternative Choir’s Charlie Waddington and many more. The full schedule is available here

Don’t go trying to find Unmade on your DAB digital radio as this is an internet-based radio station you’ll be able to tune in via soon to be launched Apps and their website – www.unmaderadio.com.

We’re excited to share a more in-depth feature with conversations with the team involved over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, be sure to give them a follow and tune in for their launch night on Monday from 5 pm. 


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