Save Blackwell’s Bookshop in Portsmouth

Save Blackwell’s Bookshop in Portsmouth

Portsmouth’s Blackwell’s Bookshop has for some years been a hub for the literary community in the city and a place which connects University of Portsmouth staff and students with the city too. The book shop has for a very long time been a venue for Portsmouth BookFest and other local festivals, as well as home for many local author’s talks and book launches. The shop also is a great place to pick up local books too, both fiction and non-fiction. In recent days news has dropped that the store is facing closure and a call has gone out to try and save it. It is fair to say that this shop has helped facilitate the continuation of Portsmouth’s literary history through to today’s generation.

Local Author Matt Wingett and other literary people have set up a petition to call upon the University of Portsmouth to reconsider its decision to close Blackwell’s Bookshop, Portsmouth and to get behind it so it can continue to build on its role as a community hub and a powerful ambassador for the University and for Blackwell UK. They believe that with good will and the right vision, Blackwell’s Bookshop, Portsmouth, will be a successful and thriving enterprise and want to see UoP help expand and strengthen the bookshop’s current role as a hub for creative and academic talent, that supports new and creative thinking.

Another aim is to see Blackwell’s Bookshop, Portsmouth continue to grow its important work connecting the University with the wider population in Portsmouth, supporting community outreach events organised by the University and others, as it has done for many years. They want UoP to recognise the asset to the University and the city of Portsmouth that Blackwell’s Bookshop, Portsmouth represents, to recognise its potential, and use new and innovative thinking while working with interested parties to extend its highly valued role and make it a profitable venture.


You can find out much more and also sign the petition over on 38 Degrees HERE.


A busy event at Blackwell's Bookshop with lots of people reading and talking


  1. Tom McCarthyroste

    21 December

    I was disappointed to hear that there is a possibility that Blackwell’s in Portsmouth might be closed. This would be a great loss because not only is it a great bookshop, but in Jo and Brian you have two knowledgeable booksellers but they are also warm and friendly people. It is always such a pleasure to visit this bookshop and buy a book.

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