PompeySaturdays/SouthseaSundays Photography Exhibi...

PompeySaturdays/SouthseaSundays Photography Exhibition

PompeySaturdays/SouthseaSundays is a new photography exhibition designed to showcase all sides of Portsmouth. The exhibition will feature work by local photographer Andrew Malbon, from St Jude’s Church in Southsea, including two sets of his contemporary photos featuring some of the defining experiences of living in the city.

In the exhibition will be black-and-white photos showing ‘Pompey Saturdays’ which get to the heart of what it feels like to roll up at Fratton Park full of expectation on a match-day – and the emotions generated by the result. There will also be Andrew’s colour photos uncovering ‘Southsea Sundays’, that showcase the beauty and vitality of a sunny day on the seafront. Both contrasting sets of images will be on display (and for sale) at St Jude’s Church, Kent Road, Southsea, from 9am to 5pm each day from April 16th to April 30th. The two-week exhibition will be launched at an event from 7pm to 9pm on Saturday.

The exhibition will raise funds for a group of 18 adults and teenagers who are giving up 10 days of their holiday this summer to help decorate a school in Ghana. The group, who have called themselves ‘Project G’ come from Church of England churches across the city of Portsmouth. They’ll be heading off for a life-changing trip to Ghana in July, decorating a classroom for children who have special needs.

Andrew, who works as an architect for Portsmouth City Council said: “I’ve lived in Portsmouth since I was at university here, and I’m only a few hundred yards away from Fratton Park. You can see the expectation in the faces as the fans walk to the ground, and you can feel the elation or despair as they pour out again at the end. I wanted to capture that emotion. Portsmouth also has a fundamental relationship with the sea, which is best expressed for me in the colour, vitality and peacefulness of Southsea seafront. I’ve tried to capture some of the details that make the scenery come alive for me.”

Check the flyer below for more details and also some examples of Andrew’s great photography that will be on show in the exhibition.

PompeySaturdays/SouthseaSundays Photography Exhibition (3)

PompeySaturdays/SouthseaSundays Photography Exhibition (4)

PompeySaturdays/SouthseaSundays Photography Exhibition (5)

PompeySaturdays/SouthseaSundays Photography Exhibition (2)


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