Southsea DIY Presents Caves at The Edge of the Wed...

Southsea DIY Presents Caves at The Edge of the Wedge on 28th March

El Morgan got in touch to let us know about the upcoming Southsea DIY night at the Edge of the Wedge on the 28th of March, going to be good!

These days the term DIY may well create visions of wonky shelves and bad paint jobs, but what does it mean to the swathes of musicians travelling the world under this banner? For many of them the DIY ethic is in part, the idea first championed by punk in the 70s that valuable art can be produced with limited means and that you don’t need managers, agents or the backing of a major label to create it.

For others it’s about investing in your community, having integrity and resisting the way big business limits and demeans our society. Whether it’s a new Tesco closing local businesses, Sony prioritising sales over the creative process or the continued threat posed by developers to social spaces such as music venues and skateparks; the trends are the same. There are however, many positive pockets of resistance.

It was with defiance in mind that back in 2007, Southsea DIY was set up to bring amazing bands from around the world to play our sunny island. Southsea DIY don’t usually work with agents or managers, but deal directly with artists to ensure they are receiving 100% of the money they earn. Along with a regular stage at Southsea Fest, it’s been an exciting 8 years bringing an eclectic mix of music to Portsmouth.

Southsea DIY’s next show is on the 28th of March at The Edge of the Wedge with headliners Caves, a much loved three piece from Bristol whose repertoire boasts an impressive collection of raw catchy sing along bangers. Despite a few line-up changes since they started out in 2010, they’ve never lost their enthusiasm for playing energetic, positive and empowering punk rock. With numerous releases on labels including Specialist Subject and Yo-Yo Records, there’s plenty to catch up on if you’re new to the band and for a limited time, Caves have their newest album ‘Leaving’ available to download on Bandcamp. This is one of the last shows they’re doing before lead singer and guitarist Lou Hanman leaves us for an exciting new life in America so catch them while you still can.

Main supports are Personal Best featuring members of Caves, Bedford Falls and local sweethearts Attack! Vipers! Their fuzz-pop gems have a 90s indie influence which provides the perfect summery soundtrack. Lead singer Katie Gatt’s gorgeous vocal will have you thoroughly seduced, especially when mixed with their “spirited power-pop & blissed-out indierama”. Personal Best weave grunge, indie and shoegaze together then present it with a big summer jams bow on top. The Lovin’ EP is out on Specialist Subject records and can be downloaded from HERE.

Next up is El Morgan, a singer songwriter based on the South Coast of the UK who plays sometimes lively, sometimes introspective alt country/indie punk with a “notoriously beautiful singing voice that will melt your heart. Her incredible storytelling about finding beauty underneath the drudgery of the day to day is life affirming, powerful, energetic and emotive.” – TILL THE WHEELS
El Morgan has shared a stage with many artists including William E Whitmore, Cory Branan and Chuck Ragan as well as touring with the likes of Austin Lucas. www.elmorgan.co.uk

New Architects are the newest band to rise from the ashes of South Coast punk rock stalwarts Jets Vs Sharks, You me and the Atom Bomb and Chillerton. Imagine John Reis joined Alkaline Trio ten years ago and you’re getting close to their sound. They’re so new they don’t have anything for me to link to yet, but I’ve heard them and they’re really good, no frills punk rock.

Finally we have the night’s openers Haters, a Candy Hearts loving 4 piece from Brighton mixing bouncy pop with punk rock grit. They’re melodic, scratchy and really like cider. They recorded the ‘Skip To The End EP’ with Thom Weeks of Gnarwolves last year which you can download from their Bandcamp HERE.

Tickets are available from the Wedgewood Rooms box office or can be ordered online HERE.

Southsea DIY Presents Caves at The Edge of the Wedge on 28th March


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