We Want Your Tricorn Photos For the Museum Exhibit...

We Want Your Tricorn Photos For the Museum Exhibition!

Portsmouth City Museum in March will be home to an incredible new exhibition dedicated to Portsmouth’s iconic Tricorn. The exhibition will not only look at the building from an architectural perspective but will also explore it’s place as part of the fabric of the Portsmouth community, ten years after it was demolished. Love it or hate it, the structure certainly made people passionate about Portsmouth and it was a key part of the skyline of the city for decades.

We are working with the museum on a range of events and activities that tie in with this exhibition and one of which is asking local people to donate or lend for copying their photos and videos of the Tricorn for a display to form part of the exhibition itself. If you would like to submit your photos please get in touch by emailing paul@strong-island.co.uk. We would love to get as many photos of Tricorn together as possible so if you could share the details of this submission with your friends and family both in person and online via Facebook, Twitter, etc it would be really appreciated!

We will be announcing more details of some of the other things we will be doing in parallel with the Tricorn exhibition soon.

The photo below is one of a selection of striking photos of the Tricorn taken at night submitted by Paul Organ, used with permission:

Tricorn Garage by Paul Organ


  1. Adrian Charlton

    23 January

    I look forward to visiting the upcoming Tricorn exhibition at the Portsmouth City Museum.

  2. Chris Evans

    23 January

    REALLY looking forward to this. I don’t have any photos but I do have the book.

  3. Dave Francis

    5 February

    I have quite a few photo’s of the Tricorn as it was being pulled down. I was given full access to photograph and film it as it lay in ruins, so long as I didn’t fall off of the edge.

    Fingers crossed, I can find them on one of my hard drives.

  4. Paul Gonella

    6 February

    Hi Dave, deadline is extended to Monday, would be really interested if you wanted to send some photos in.

  5. jenny woods

    11 February

    hi have some Tricorn photos. am I too late.

  6. Paul Gonella

    12 February

    Hi Jenny, last Friday was the deadline but we will be producing a website of images in a couple of months so if you would be interesting in submitting them to that please get in touch with me at paul@strong-island.co.uk Thanks!

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