Daniel Ginns Durational Line Drawing

We’ve featured Portsmouth ex-pat and now London based artist Daniel Ginns before, with his earlier slightly twisted illustration. Daniel recently graduated and his current work Durational Line Drawing is, in my opinion, simply awesome. Daniel has developed an at first glance simple concept and through madness inducing focus, dedication and time created artwork that is beautiful in it’s simplicity and repetition at first glance but with a closer look you discover growth, decay and constant change in cycles like costal erosion by long shore drift. Each line is drawn with a 0.1mm pen with a 0.1mm space and each slight deviation from perfection caused by chance or by slight changes in Daniel’s human response (hand shake, breathing, change in light and so on). This ebb and flow causes the lines as a whole to drift across the page, each time taking on a slightly deviated course as a response to the previous line, each time taking on their own characteristics too. As Daniel says himself, a visual representation of chaos theory.

The four key pieces to Durational Line Drawing are each A1 in size and took a total of 74 hours 55 minutes 36 seconds with a single pen, running until the ink ran dry. Each utterly unique.

Daniel has been working with another Portsmouth ex-pat Vince Whiteman who has been working with Daniel on some timelapse films of this style of work. The film below focuses on circles that took a total of 8 hours 50 minutes 19 seconds to produce.

To find out more about this work and some of the other projects Daniel is working on, including photography, be sure to visit:


Daniel Ginns Durational Line Drawing (1)

Daniel Ginns Durational Line Drawing (2)

Daniel Ginns Durational Line Drawing (3)

Daniel Ginns Durational Line Drawing (4)

Daniel Ginns Durational Line Drawing (5)


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