An Apology From Strong Island Clothing Co. & ...

An Apology From Strong Island Clothing Co. & Strong Island

The success of the Strong Island x Portsmouth FC/Pompey Supporters Trust tee shirt took us quite by surprise. Last month when we placed the tee in our online store for pre-orders ready for delivery we had to come up with a plan for making another order before the first order had been delivered and before we knew it we needed another order in place as the first tees arrived. We placed the first batch in the post (85+ parcels at Fratton Post Office, sorry if you were in the queue behind us!) and the second batch at the same office, and sadly due to delays in delivery from our supplier we fell short in getting people their tees in the time we wanted. With the second production order delays extended by the supplier we let our buyers down further with the second batch of orders too and we would like to apologise to everyone who had their orders delayed. We hope the extra, limited edition stickers included with those orders goes a small way in making up for the wait.

As of today we have posted out all pending orders (apart from a couple waiting on other things), but we have heard back from 12 people whose deliveries have not arrived. After investigating when the orders were made, when they were posted and considering the delivery addresses (most within the city) we are really sad to say we can only draw the conclusion that many, if not all of these missing orders are down to a problem within the Post Office. We would expect the loss of a small percentage of orders and have sent replacement tees to some people but it seems that the only way this many local orders go missing is that they have been taken at some stage between postage and delivery, or just not sent out at all. 

We wanted to keep postage down for people’s orders so we only offered standard first class small parcel postage with no recorded delivery and as such we don’t have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to making formal a formal complaint for all of these missing deliveries. We will be honouring all missing orders out of our own pocket with replacement tees and sending using registered post (also out of our own pocket) and we hope this news and this apology goes some way in fixing this unfortunate situation.

We are expecting a new delivery of tees on Wednesday next week from our supplier and all outstanding orders will go out immediately as registered post and all subsequent orders will also be registered post (sadly postage will have to be raised for new orders from £3.50 to £4).

The good news is that we are very, very close to having the funds from the donations for each tee sold totalling what is needed for a share in PFC and we will hopefully be able to announce soon not only some news on new colours and options for the SI x PFC tee plus what we plan on doing with the 33% donation out of each sale after the share is bought which we think will be something everyone will support.

Again, sincere apologies. We just wish we were able to get some answers as to where all the missing tees have gone!!!


  1. Helen Buteux

    24 May

    Please send this link to Royal Mail PR – clearly an issue you shouldn’t be funding and as a goodwill gesture they should step on. Losing such a high percentage on a local on city delivery is terrible terrible publicity for them if it reached the national media….

  2. Matt Wingett

    24 May

    If you are worried about getting a refund for lost items, you do not need to send via Registered Post.

    All you need to do is ask for a posting certificate when you post the item. This IS your insurance, up to a value of 100 x the cost of a first clast stamp.

    Your shirts are only £15 and will be covered by this standard insurance – PROVIDED YOU HAVE PROOF THEY WERE POSTED.

    You do have a leg to stand on with the PO if you have a posting certificate. Be sure to get one next time around!


    Matt Wingett

  3. Huge thanks for your advice guys. It’s really appreciated. We’re very upset about the situation, even more so considering this is a funding raising project and people are buying these tees to help support PFC.

  4. Wayne

    24 May

    I was just about to email you guy’s asking about this, never mind! i look forward to getting my t shirt!

  5. Mailman

    25 May

    Registered post was discontinued years ago. There’s recorded delivery, but that gives you no more protection against loss than standard first or second class post but you do get some proof that it was delivered (if it was).

    There is also the possibility that recipients are saying that they didn’t receive it in order to get another tee shirt free of charge. Some people do do this, apparently.

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