Fratton Big Local: A day in the life of Fratton

Fratton Big Local: A day in the life of Fratton

When you hear the word ‘Fratton’ what does it mean to you? In your mind what is the area like? What kinds of things are there?

‘Fratton Big Local’ commissioned a film to help in drawing together a Community Profile as part of the process in identifying how to allocate the £1million Big Lottery funding the community has to spend over the next 10 years. The film traces a day in Fratton and seeks to give a brief insight in to the area, what it is like to live and work there and some of the things already happening. It also starts to highlight some of the issues raised by the local community as part of the consultations that they would like to see the funds used to address.

The film can be viewed below and will be shown publicly as part of a 4 day public event beginning at St Mary’s Church in Fratton Road on Thursday Oct 4th and continuing on the 5th, 6th and 7th October in a pop up shop at 83 Fratton Road.

The film was made for Fratton Big Local by Strong Island Media.

You can find out more at frattonbiglocal.org.uk.


  1. Charlie Thompson

    20 September

    Phew! This non Albert Road focused item should keep Jay happy. Tonight I sleep well!

  2. Charlie Thompson

    20 September

    PS: Another stunning video from Strong Island Media. Keep up the great work.

  3. Jay

    20 September

    Great film.

    Its not about keeping me happy – I live 5mins from Albert road. – its about keeping people in other parts of the city in the loop. Other areas of Portsmouth may not at first glance seem as trendy as Albert Road which makes it an easy point of reference. But I feel the exposure it has had over the couple of years is getting cliche. This film starts to address the balance. Good work.

  4. George Crick

    20 September

    i loved this file, brings back memories. done well boys.

  5. Paul Gonella

    20 September

    Jay, you are spot on. Engagement with the whole city for us is something that is at the front of our minds much of the time here.

    Personally, I would absolutely love to make similar films about all the districts of Portsmouth. It’s not a question of are there interesting people & businesses, social issues happening, etc. it’s just that they aren’t maybe reaching the wider local audience. We do try to cover the whole city and even a little further afield but Southsea makes the most noise at the moment, as it were. Be that because more things are happening or because it’s just the news of those activities is better disseminated and shouted louder, is an interesting question.

    In our defence, we’ve recently featured North End’s Learning Place and Harvey Morgans, Milton’s Art Stop Cafe and Photostik, Dot to Dot in Paulsgrove and a few artists from Baffins, just as examples. Sadly we are currently only able to cover so much as this website is unfunded as it is but increasing coverage is something we strive to do and something we hope to raise next year even more. Personally, I think we do better than most and that is because we’ve always wanted to cover and profile things, places and people that aren’t common knowledge or picked up in the wider press channels. On top of that we always want to create more original, well researched content that hopefully highlights aspects of Portsmouth’s past and present that we can all be interested by and proud of. And keep the press release cut&pastes down to a minimum. This year has been about diversifying what Strong Island is and can be, be assured next year is about developing and improving the fundamentals of what we started in 2008 and will continue to do here on this blog. More info on that soon.

  6. sikes

    21 September

    Great video guys x

  7. Tom

    21 September

    “as trendy as Albert Road” – sorry, that made me laugh.

  8. Nick Courtney

    21 September

    Yes, there is more to Portsmouth then just Southsea and Albert Road, thanks for filming it, anything helps!

  9. Jim

    21 September

    Sorry chaps, still a little unsure on this latest batch of videos. They remind me a little of daytime TV. Whatever happend to your stylistic shorts about Parmiters and the blacksmith? I don’t mean to be negative, I genuinely really liked those earlier films, I’m just disappointed in this latest batch. I still think what your trying to achieve with embracing the local community is really admirable, it just feels like more care needs to be taken over the finished product.

    Just my opinion.


  10. Alex Oliver

    22 September

    Excellent to see Fratton being focused on for a change. I love Southsea but as a resident of Fratton I often feel that the area isn’t always given its dues.It’s a busy and bustling part of the city with many independent businesses and friendly people. I love the grittiness of Fratton Road which is perfectly juxtaposed to the steady flow of gentrification encountered as you head further south along Fawcett Road and into Albert Road.

  11. Lou

    24 September

    I have watched this a few times now and the more times I see it the more I love it. The sensitivity to local residents, the bond between traders, the history and community. The time lapse of the sunrise is beautiful.

  12. Philip Morgan - Culpeper, VA

    26 September

    I was a student at Portsmouth back in the early 70’s and lived in Copnor hence I travelled fratton Road on almost a daily basis. I was back there in July and my what a difference…..the roads were just too busy and too crowded, BUT it was still Portsmouth! It’s good to see this video and I really like the quality and the way it’s put together. Great job!

  13. Jillian Edwards

    6 March

    I only heard about this project today whilst I was at Fratton Community Centre.

    What a brilliant film.
    I have only lived in Fratton for four years, and thoroughly enjoy living here.

  14. Martin Chalk

    19 June

    It’s a pity they didn’t use Fratton based film makers like me and my group, who actually live in the area and have more than 50 years knowledge of the area, rather than some media savvy outfit from outside our community. Typical.

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