Frankie Owens – Walking For Forgiveness

Frankie Owens – Walking For Forgiveness

Award winning author Frankie Owens has achieved the kind of infamy AND fame normally reserved for reality TV stars and wayward ‘C’ list celebrities. Frankie however is no tango tanned 20 something, he’s an ex con with an eye on a positive future and over the coming months will be walking the length of the UK in support of The Forgiveness Project.

Frankie’s challenge is to walk from John O’ Groats to Land’s End, visiting towns and cities along the way. Each destination will include visits to prisons, probation trusts, youth offender groups, universities, and charities that work to help promote understanding, rehabilitation and re-integration of ex-offenders. Frankie began his 60 day walk on 1st September and finishes 1160 miles later on November 1st at Land’s End and every penny raised will The Forgiveness Project to:

• Collect and share real stories of forgiveness and reconciliation to help individuals transform the pain and conflict in their own lives.
• Run a restorative justice program in prisons helping build community resilience by working with victims to rehabilitate offenders.
• Create resources for schools to educate young people about peaceful solutions to conflict.
• Provide tools for resolving hurt and conflict by holding events and running training programmes.
After being a prisoner and losing everything Frankie is now an award-winning writer with 30 articles published to date, and counting. Frankie has been welcomed by The Huffington Post, Sabotage Times, The Guardian, Works for Freedom, The Justice Gap and The Royal Society of Arts. Numerous universities have also invited him to speak to them, with local newspapers and radio stations running articles and interviews too.

Frankie is the author of the ‘Little Book of Prison, A Beginners Guide’ and is inviting donations at www.justgiving.com/frankie-owens.


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