Mondo Comics

Mondo Comics was a comic shop located in the dark retail corners of The Tricorn back in the early 90s and for many people it was much, much more than just a comic shop. For possibly every generation, in every town or city, there is a place that brings like minded people together and acts as a place to meet, a place to hang out without buying a thing and a place which in some way shapes what you are in to, who your friends are, what music you listen to and to some degree who you will be in later life. Instilling a sense of belonging on your own terms and in many ways fostering creativity and talent that no school, college, etc could do. In some towns and cities these places might be skate shops, record shops, etc. For many people in Portsmouth at that time it was Mondo Comics.

I only visited it myself once or twice but it has it’s own place in local lore and has a place in many people’s hearts. And like many other examples of these homes away from homes, they burn bright at the right time and the right place but inevitably they change or close but they always live on in many ways.

These two films give you a bit of a glimpse in to the place but still don’t give the big picture, which in many ways is a good thing. Places like Mondo Comics could probably never be really defined completely as these types of places are some much to so many people in some many different ways.

(NSFW Warning: There is some swearing)


  1. Me

    1 August

    Mr Dam Willett is probably the nicest man you could ever meet, that’ll be green tea by the way

  2. Oli Brunetti

    6 February

    What a great post! Loved this shop. Have fond memories of both it’s incarnations and of course Dan and Jeff. A proper important part of my teen years!

  3. Oliver Brunetti

    8 April

    ahhh .the longer video has been taken down already. If anyone could share it again that would be absolutely fantastic.

  4. Oli Brunetti

    8 April

    ahhh .the longer video has been taken down already. If anyone could share it again that would be absolutely fantastic.

  5. Paul Gonella

    11 April

    Sadly it looks like it has been taken down and not uploaded anywhere else

  6. I bought alot of comics

    14 April

    I spent many a time helping out in the shop and began my love for comics and films Dan was a great teacher of the ons and outs of any comic, I was there from 1991 to 1993 . My Adz Price name I was commonly known by at the shop was the Mondo Zombie. Dan Willet I miss mondo comics.

  7. Dale

    26 May

    I used to love hanging around Mondo comics on a Saturday. It was always a friendly place full of character.

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