Strong Island Love Hate Tee – Nearly Sold Ou...

Strong Island Love Hate Tee – Nearly Sold Out

Edit: Since launching our first collaboration tee yesterday we’ve already sold out of Mediums and the limited run of 15 is down to just 2 Small and 2 Larges. Get in there as these tee’s are hot, hot, hot.

Strong Island love to keep it local, you know that. And this new offering from us is no exception. Under his design pseudonym Jubru, Bruce Jamieson originally illustrated this print for the The Strong Island Exhibition at The Round Tower last April. Myself and Paul agreed immediately it would be perfect for a new collaborative tee and we went straight in to production.

We’ll do a proper post on Bruce and the tee design soon, but for now check it out and don’t forget to head over to the SHOP and grab yours now. It’s only a limited run of 15 black on white with the design on the front and featuring the Strong Island Anchor Icon on the reverse back neck. Love it or Hate it?

  1. Tom O'Malley

    1 August

    Love it. When it’s in the store, I think I might have to grab one…

  2. Tristan Savage

    1 August

    Hey Tom. Should be in the store by Tuesday, but check back after lunch if we find time.

  3. Paul Gonella

    1 August

    New tee is now available in the shop and I have updated the Summer 2011 logo tee stock too, we are now down to the last tees but do have at least one in all sizes so get in there quick.

  4. Tristan

    1 August

    BOOM. Charlie Thompson is in there like swimwear. 1st tee sold already.

  5. Pudding Snack!

    1 August

    Don’t sleep people….

  6. ellykelly

    1 August

    more importantly, where do you get a breakfast like that?

  7. Tristan Savage

    2 August

    Country Pantry on Highland Road. £4.95.

  8. Nina Poppy

    2 August

    That breakfast is exactly what I want right now! Amazing. The Tee is very cool too! Definitely love it, no hate here.

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