Friends of Pet Sounds #06 – Laura Firman

Friends of Pet Sounds #06 – Laura Firman

“Part time scooter rider and full time fringe wearer, Laura is one half of the dynamic lady duo All Fringe, No Knickers who can regularly be found spinning tunes in North London (never South, no one ever goes down there anyway), with a penchant for Pulp and Bonnie Tyler. She is also an ex islander having left in 2005 to see if the streets of the big city were indeed paved with gold. Unfortunately they’re not. East London is paved with a lot of things, gold isn’t one of them. Having been into the mod scene for some time it was only appropriate that her play list contained her all time fave Northern Soul stompers. Proper songs to properly dance to (they will also be heavily featured in her upcoming nuptials on the 9th…) Talc is optional but boy can it improve that spin. Enjoy.”

I can vouch that this makes you want to dance, I don’t know if it’s the production or the tunes or whether these guys made some kind of pact with Lucifer but seriously, they rarely make them like this any more. Also, it’s the second consecutive playlist to finish with ‘Long After Tonight Is All Over’, Jimmy Radcliffe must owe me a couple of pints for this kind of exposure…
Thanks Laura, please come and make us dance back here in Southsea soon (potential Pet Sounds at EQ in sept…) x

Grab the Pet Sounds playlist HERE and check the past playlists HERE.

‘Bring Out The Talc’

01 Beggin’ – Timebox
02 Seven Days Too Long – Chuck Woods
03 Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up – The M.V.P.’s
04 If I Could Only Be Sure – Nolan Porter
05 Lazy Line Painter Jane – Belle & Sebastian
06 Gimme Shelter – Merry Clayton
07 The Witch – The Sonics
08 Tin Soldier – The Small Faces
09 Till The End Of The Day – The Kinks
10 Nothing But A Heartache – The Flirtations
11 Seven Day Fool – Etta James
12 Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake – The Small Faces
13 Comin’ Home Baby – Mel Torme
14 Sunny – Bobby Hepp
15 Long After Tonight Is All Over – Jimmy Radcliffe


  1. That is an excellent list of tracks, oh and a beautiful photograph too!

  2. Rusty Sheriff

    7 July

    Gimme Shelter by Merry Clayton is a stomper! Brilliant set list again!

    Keep ’em coming Charles!

  3. Charlie Pet Sounds

    7 July

    it really is a pleasure, trying to work out how to do a pet sounds blog but I’m a little backward in that area…

  4. THAT’S MY COUSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Charlie. Speak to me about a blog. We’ll sort one.

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