Friends of Pet Sounds #02 – Sam Summerskill

Friends of Pet Sounds #02 – Sam Summerskill

This week we have the right honourable Samuel Adam William Woodcraft Summerskill. Sam has fled the bosom of Portsmouth to set up shop in London and upon being asked to give a kind of biog, he came back with “…is, and has always been a twat. A loveable twat, but a twat none the less.”, I’m not sure I’m best placed to qualify that statement, but I do know his musical palate is rich and varied and certainly not for the weak-hearted. I don’t think more than a few days go by without a good recommendation from Sam, and it’s never less than interesting. So, here’s what he came up with…

“A selection of songs that i’ve been listening to whilst my mind wanders/wonders. I guess CAN is the only red herring as each of the others suggest travel or getting away and all, BUT… it’s maybe one of the best records ever so tricky not to include it. There is no particular order although i would suggest clicking the time button and starting with the shortest and ending up with the longest (technically highest), Marquee Moon, somewhere i’d like to go one day (the Moon that is)”

Grab the Pet Sounds playlist HERE and check the past playlists HERE.

01 Something On Your Mind – Karen Dalton
02 Love – Robyn Hitchcock
03 Mild Confusion – Tamaryn
04 F Kenya RIP – Highlife
05 Dreams Come True Girl – Cass McCombs
06 I Want More – Can
07 Frontera – Phil Manzanera
08 Petrol – Severed Heads
09 Marquee Moon – Television
10 Don’t Worry About The Government – Talking Heads
11 Back To The Coast – Nikki Sudden
12 A Kitchen In The Clouds – Come On
13 Oh Paris ! – Dent May
14 Norway – Beach House
15 Up On The Sun – Meat Puppets
16 Red Wood Ramble – Robbie Basho
17 Space – Thurston Moore
18 Returnal – Oneohtrix Point Never
19 Megumi The Milkyway Above – Connan Mockasin


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