Strong Island 2nd Birthday & Charity Raffle

Strong Island 2nd Birthday & Charity Raffle

We hope you can all make it along to our 2nd Birthday Party at The Belle Isle next Thursday 30th. It’s shaping up to be quite a nice evening with a few friends new & old, accompanied with some drinks and a cheeky Raffle.

All the donations to the Raffle will be available to win on the night and all the proceeds are going to The Portsmouth Autism Support Network and The Portsmouth Lifeboat Station.

Raffle tickets will be available on the door on the night only, so grab a strip with your FREE Strong Island Ice Tea (limited drinks so get there early). Pet Sounds will provide the background music with a Strong Island VS Pet Sounds Playlist to accompany this relaxed social.

Prizes have kindly been donated from the following people: The Belle Isle / Bored / Portsmouth University / Paul Gonella / Claire Sambrook / Desperados Beer / Ian Parmiter / Rob Trigg / Wallspace gallery / Head Hairdressing / FarkFK / Southsea Fixed Gear / James Weaver / Mikee Ayling / Matt O’Neill / Diana Goss / Caleigh Illburn / Cat Vaughan / Steve Bomford / Owain Harris / Miki Organic / Louise Bush / Nick Hicking / Candice @ Inksquatch / MyDogSighs / Paul Thurlow and more to come. Prizes include tee shirts, drinks, hair cuts, photo shoots, art, prints, meals, photography and more besides. Check the photos below for just a taster of what’s on offer.

Southsea Rowing Club

Paul Thurlow Photography

The Little Johnny Russells

The Belle Isle

Tristan Savage & Strong Island

Bored of Southsea

Caleigh Illerbrun

Head Hairdressing


Diana Goss

The Little Johnny Russells

James Weaver

James Weaver

My Dog Sighs

Mikey Ayling

Mikey Ayling

Mikey Ayling

Cat Vaughan

Cat Vaughan

Nick Hicking

Tristan Savage

Mikey Ayling

Southsea Fixed Gear Fight Club


  1. Pudding Snack!

    23 September

    All great prizes.

  2. Paul Gonella

    23 September

    So much good stuff!

  3. Paul Gonella

    23 September

    Oh, still loads more to come too

  4. Tristan Savage

    23 September

    Even had some offers today after people saw this post.

  5. lou

    24 September

    so want the Godzilla print!

  6. stu barker

    26 September

    looks like it’s gonna be a top shin dig!

  7. Jimbob

    14 August

    there’s 2x tickets to Pompey match aswell, get involved!!

  8. Qswjthwf

    30 April

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