Love Albert Road Day 2010 Cancelled

Love Albert Road Day 2010 Cancelled

You may have read in The News on Monday that this years Love Albert Road street festival won’t be going ahead.  Rising police costs are one of the main reasons and organisers say it has become too much for them to do on their own.  Hopes of a major sponsor or aid from the City Council haven’t seemed to arise this year so the event will not happen in late September as it has done for the past three years.  It’s a sad turn of events as it has been a hugely popular and enjoyable day for the people of Southsea in recent times however organisers say that they will be concentrating on smaller events throughout 2010 including involvement with Love Your Bike on May 30th before hopefully staging another Love Albert Road Day in 2011.

You can read Fran Duckett-Pike’s full story in The News by clicking here


  1. Squelch

    6 May

    Sadly it became a victim of it’s own success. We won’t have one this year but I think with enough good planning we can get it going again. I’m in full support of the community Love Albert Road day has helped to create but there were problems last year, probably from the same people who scorch the common with their disposable BBQs.

  2. Massive shame, there is no other event in Porsmouth and Southsea that celebrates the local community and pushes the arts then LARD.

    But from chatting to Rick and Tim it is obviously a truly gargantuan task to organise and commit to, all the whilst staying compliant with council and police regulations.

    As said above perhaps with more planning we can get this amazing day up and running again. Had already booked the next day off of work as per previous years too…..

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