Transport No. 2: The Hovercraft

Southsea seafront has iconic and familiar structures and views but ever since the mid 60s we also have the familiar sound of the hovercraft engines as it repeatedly arrives and leaves for Ryde. This hovercraft route itself was the first Hovercraft passenger service in the world and Hovertravel Limited, founded in 1965, is the world’s longest established commercial hovercraft operator. The first hovercraft was first developed on the Isle of Wight in 1955 when inventor Sir Christopher Cockerell tested out his idea for a floating/flying craft by putting a cat food tin inside a coffee tin. After fine-tuning his designs, Sir Christopher Cockerell secured funding to build a hovercraft. Saunders Roe, the flying boat firm in Cowes on the Isle of Wight was given the contract. The commercial success of hovercraft was initially huge but subsequently suffered from rapid rises in fuel prices during the late 1960s and 1970s. Since the channel routes abandoned hovercraft the United Kingdom’s only public hovercraft service is now our one operating from Southsea.

SRN6-026-01 Hovercraft in Southsea

SRN6-130-07 Hovercraft in Southsea

In 1972 Hovertravel’s SR-N6 012 overturned off of Southsea with a loss of five lives. This was the world’s first fatal accident involving a commercially operated hovercraft. Apart from this one incident the service has an incredible safety record and is used day in day out to transfer up to 100,000 passengers a year.

The hovercraft is a wonderful and now unique form of local transport and something to celebrate and also to actively enjoy with a trip. Booking and travel information is available at the Hovertravel website.

To discover more about hovercraft we are lucky to have the Hovercraft Museum just down the road in Lee-On-Solent which houses the world’s largest library of documents, publications, film, video, photographs and drawings on hovercraft and a collection of actual hovercraft too including the last two remaining SR.N4 craft, the world’s largest civil hovercraft.

Super8 footage from the 1960s:


Memories of early hovercraft pilots:


  1. Pudding Snack!

    30 April

    I find that going on the hovercraft is a bit like drunken sex….it’s all quite exciting to begin with but after a couple of minutes you start feeling a bit sick……

    Still the best way to get to Bestival though.

    See you all at half 9 on the Thursday morning in September……

  2. I love the hover!

    30 April

    For anyone who makes that daily trip on the hover: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=9985064911

  3. Tristan Savage

    30 April

    Love the music to the second clip. Classic. Keep ’em coming Paul. I’ve been keeping my eyes off the drafts in anticipation.

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