Goodbye Victoria Swimming Pool

Built back in the 1960s, Portsmouth’s Victoria Swimming Pool has helped serve the city community until the recent completion of the Mountbatten Centre pool, after which it closed it’s doors for the last time. Claire Sambrook was luck enough to get a last minute look around yesterday with her camera to capture some of the charm of the building. The building is due to be demolished today, making way for a new tower, set to be the tallest student accommodation building in the world.

You can see all of Claire’s photos over at her Flickr.


  1. TOM

    21 April

    any other country that pool would be curved!!

  2. Pudding Snack!

    21 April

    More photos of the insides of derelict buildings please!

    Love em!

  3. Tristan

    21 April

    Ha. Was just about to write this article too. Great opportunity there Claire. Wonder if there was anything skateable?

  4. claire sambrook

    21 April

    a curved pool would have been a bonus. Could have put ramps in as a temp option. I only found out about this late Monday…..

  5. Ellsbells

    21 April

    It’s sad to see the pool in this dilapidated state…I got my 25 meters certificate there when I was a child. Nice pics though!

  6. rosie

    22 April

    claire what is happening to all the shit inside, i am eyeing up some signs x

  7. rosie

    22 April

    and the giant kids inflatables, that would look good floating in the solent x

  8. claire sambrook

    22 April

    the council were having all the bits inside as I really liked the big clocks and yellow fibre glass benches. I will investigate with PCC and see what’s happening.

  9. Jo

    6 March

    I have only just discovered these photos. They are excellent and are really emotive.

    I lived in the flat next door to the pool for four years in the eighties and it is very strange to see somewhere you lived boarded up and then no longer there any more.

    So many memories.

    Thank you for the photos.

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