Ban On BBQs On The Common?

Hard to believe but the Council are making sneaky moves to try and ban BBQs on the Common. Luckily the good people of Southsea and Portsmouth as a whole are rallying together to kill the proposal dead. For full details (including the quite ridiculous reasons and underhanded methods by the Council), latest news on progress and the email address of the Councillor to complain to direct join the Facebook petition group that are leading the cause. The group has well over 3,000 people after only a few days but the more people who sign up the better so pass the news and the link to the group on to your friends, family, work buddies, etc.

Do we really want an end to this?


  1. Tristan

    12 November

    Ha. I’d logged this to blog tomorrow, but was looking for a good BBQ common photo.

  2. Matt B

    17 November

    I think BBQ’s on the common are great fun and a good way of socialising without spending loads of money in a restaurant or pub but it really hacks me off when you see people abusing ths privelage.
    This summer I saw several bonfires and people burning plastic, smashing glass etc from my flat.
    I walk my dog on the common and after a hot weekend the common is totally littered with old burnt out bbqs and debris.
    I wish people would take their crap home after enjoying the common.
    Nuff said.

  3. Elio

    19 November

    Agree with Matt. Once the idiots leave the common, it looks like a bomb site. I’m happy to support a BBQ only patch though.

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