Review: Florence and the Machine at Bournemouth In...

Review: Florence and the Machine at Bournemouth International Centre

Florence + the Machine’s Dance Fever Tour was well worth the wait. There was much anticipation ahead of this tour after it was rescheduled from November when lead vocalist Florence Welch broke her foot. Excitement filled the air at the Bournemouth International Centre which was full of fans wearing floral headbands, Florence’s staple accessory.

The British indie rock band has built a reputation for delivering dynamic and energetic live performances, and the Dance Fever Tour is no different. Behind the band was a graphic backdrop of candles draped in white cloth, which only added to Florence’s dramatic entrance, as she appeared in a beautiful flowy green dress.

Throughout the night we were treated to some of Florence + the Machine’s most popular hits, including “Dog Days Are Over,” “Shake It Out,” and “You’ve Got the Love.” The band’s unique blend of soulful vocals, powerful lyrics, and soaring instrumentals captivated the entire audience and left everyone dancing. The singing seemed effortless.

Florence went to great efforts to fully immerse her audience by performing her usual “ritual” of asking everyone to kindly put their phones away, in a slightly more explicit manner. It was time to be IN the moment. We watched as Florence had an emotional encounter with a number of fans; embracing them, holding their hands and singing alongside them. She even went as far as to come down from the stage and out into the crowd, making the audience truly feel part of the show. The energy could be felt across the room and I caught a glimpse of Florence’s smile as she came back up on stage; clearly touched by the reception she received.

In addition to the band’s classic tracks, the show featured songs from the most recent album, “Dance Fever.” This album has been hailed as a triumph, showcasing Florence Welch’s songwriting talent and cementing her position as one of the most influential artists of her generation. “Free” was performed with such energy as Florence floated around the stage in her delicate black leather ballet-style pumps.

The final song “Raise Me Up” certainly sparked some emotion. It was the first time she had sung it in ten years because it was simply too sad, referring to a tough time she went through. This song was dedicated to her loyal fans who she thanked for sticking with her for the past 10-15 years. To lighten the mood and leave everyone with huge smiles on their faces, Florence asked for human sacrifices; a cue for people to get on the shoulders of others, which many did.

Florence Welch’s powerful voice and dynamic stage presence were no doubt the highlights of the show, but the talented musicians and dancers who accompanied her also impressed me. With a stunning light show, powerful music and impeccable vocals, Florence + the Machine’s Dance Fever Tour was an experience I won’t forget.

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