Review: J.J. Summer’s EP ‘Constructs&#...

Review: J.J. Summer’s EP ‘Constructs’

Portsmouth duo J.J. Summer have just released their debut EP, ‘Constructs’ on May 6th. Taking inspiration from The XX, Massive Attack and Talking Heads, their EP takes you on a surprisingly emotional journey throughout each song, leaving you feeling like you’ve been allowed access this secret, dreamy world the duo have created. 

Opening with their single ‘Sunday Best, a melodic track that starts mellowsoon building to be a memorable number. Both Jim and Summer’s vocals harmonise perfectly which sets a theme for the rest of the EP. Having already listened to a few of their singles, ‘Bygone’ was a song I already adored before this was released as it was their first single but was actually one of the last songs they had written! I’m so glad it made it onto the record as it gives some breathing space amongst the other songs and flows nicely into the second part of the record.

My favourite, the one that I felt the most emotionally attached to, being ‘ Never Realised’. The lyrics and melody are perfectly woven together to create this song about our mentality and trying to rise above your comfort zone. Delving deep into the mindset that we all have our destiny in our hands and it is our responsibility to make the most of it. 

The EP is a fantastic showcase of melodies and clever songwriting from Jim and Summer. This will definitely be on repeat for me throughout the next few months as it creates a real mix of easy listening and an injection of summery vibes. If you’re a fan of Portishead and The XX, then you will love this band and this EP.

They are set to play The Loft, Southsea on 9th June, so I encourage everyone to go down and check them out, I know I will be!! 🙂

Photo: Ian Petts

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