SWEAT Southsea’s Social and Open Evening

SWEAT Southsea’s Social and Open Evening

At Strong Island, we have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the guys at Sweat Southsea and I’ve been an on-off, semi-regular pretty much since day one. Their flexible offering suits me perfectly and I can dip in and out as I need to as I balance a full-time job, blogging, coaching football, personal, social and Strong Island commitments!

‘Sweat-Life-Balance’ is a popular saying of co-founder Luke Newton’s but what does that mean? I caught up him to talk fitness and business.

Classes are busy and you guys seem pretty busy with your PT clients…. looks like it’s going well!
10 days ago, we literally couldn’t have taken another PT client on, but fast forward and some clients have quit jobs, taken breaks to travel and we’ve taken on a new employee! The pressures always on, and you can’t ever think you’ve made it with a business model that’s basically the opposite of a typical gym.

What do you mean?
Commercial gyms typically have no membership cap…. there’s 10 treadmills, loads of cardio kit, a free-weights area and machines. But there’s thousands of members…. Including loads that aren’t going. In contrast, we know everybody by their first name, they’ve invested in us and we’re invested in them, we want them to be active, and to reach their goals.

You guys are super passionate.
We’re really passionate about it. It is more important than ever to build a business with care, integrity and love at its core. I think the businesses that are obviously all those things are thriving and the ones that aren’t, however big they are, aren’t surviving anymore.

What inspires you?
My wife Tina and I love being able to create something from scratch – no rules or guidelines. Her background in PR enables her to understand consumer behaviour and my background as a proactive police officer means I’m good at trusting my instinct. As an independent business, you can literally implement ideas almost immediately and that means every day can bring opportunity. We’re inspired by like-minded people and I think that’s why we love a collaborative approach, working with artists and doers.

You have an open evening approaching… your first. Why now?
We’ve done plenty of Saturday morning open days and to be honest it became stale. An evening event brings it back to my Sweat-Life-Balance saying. Pop in, see what we’re about, meet our team and our regulars (it’s a social event too) and take part in a session. And then, if you want a beer or a glass of Prosecco, we’ll have that too. We encourage long-term, sustainable approaches to fitness goals. That means embracing balance, enjoying life as well as enjoying whatever you’re doing to reach your individual goals.

If you are interested to see what the team at SWEAT are up to then I encourage you to make your way to their free open evening this Friday. You’ll be able to find out more about the new Autumn-Winter timetable and it is a fantastic opportunity to experience SWEAT’s range of classes, meet the founders and the team, including the new recruits! You’ll also take home a goody bag which includes a voucher for a Bowl of Pho at Pho Portsmouth.

I personally love what they do. It’s the most engaging fitness environment that I’ve been involved in. I’ve attended many of the gyms in the area over the last twenty years and I found many to be quite sterile or impersonal, while SWEAT has a positive and friendly environment where I are made to feel welcome and at ease. As Luke said, they really do know all of their clients by name! I initially got involved through the personal training packages that they offer although now I go for the range of classes available to help keep things fresh.

On the night you can take part in any of the following classes or even enquire about a sports massage slot.

6pm – 6:45pm   META Row
6pm – 6:30pm   Stretch + Flex
6:30pm – 7pm   Kettlebells
7pm – 7:30pm   IMPACT
7pm – 7:30pm   Stretch + Flex

While the event is free spaces are limited but expressions of interest can be made here. You can also find out more by checking out their socal media channels which can be found linked below.


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