Brush Lettering Workshops With Little Old Goose

Brush Lettering Workshops With Little Old Goose

Come and join Little Old Goose for an Intro to Brush Pen Lettering Workshop in the heart of Southsea. Try your hand at something new or add to your creative skill set.

This class is perfect for beginners and starts with the basic strokes, shapes and drills, then develops into letter forms and numbers. We then go on to form words and some lovely phrases for your final piece. There’s plenty of help and guidance throughout and you will be well on your way to developing your own Brush Lettering style by the end of the workshop! You get your own brush, a pot of Indian Ink and guide sheets to take home and refreshments are provided.

“I’m Lucy, a Modern Calligrapher, Chalkboard and Lettering artist and work under the title of Little Old Goose. After teaching my first Brush Lettering workshop out in Copenhagen last Spring, I then brought the classes to Southsea with a fantastic response and have since taught on the Isle of Wight, Bristol, Leicestershire and Rutland.

After a summer break, I am back with fresh new workshops in Southsea and beyond starting on Saturday 8th September. The classes are perfect for beginners and start with the basic strokes, shapes and drills, then develops into letter forms and numbers finishing with a final piece you will be proud of. You also get a pot of ink, a brush pen and worksheets to take home too!

Brush Lettering is such a mindful craft which doesn’t rely on good handwriting or an arty background so anyone can give it a go! You may want to use your new skills to create greetings cards, artwork and design, or you may simply want to start a new hobby!”

Upcoming dates for Southsea are:
Wednesday 26th September 6.30 – 9pm
Saturday 20th October 1.30 – 4pm


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