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Review: Barbudo ‘Secret Admirer’

Barbudo are a British ‘Nu-eyed funk’ group from the south coast town of Havant, Portsmouth. Fusing elements of old-school funk, psych rock and smooth R&B, brothers Ben and Harry Stanworth, along with Elliot Salter have established an intoxicating sound which oozes charm and flamboyancy.”

We recently received an email from Lydia at LPR about Barbudo and I just had to follow it up. My Father being a Motown man, I have a soft spot for the old sounds and was keen to give it a listen.

The inspiration from the pioneers of 70’s funk, soul and disco are apparent. There are sounds of Steely Dan, Shuggie, Otis and the Isley Brothers. Barbubo manage to meld the contemporary with the classic in a very natural way.

“Following the success of their last EP Pleasures, released under Pie & Vinyl Records, Barbudo are now ready to unveil their latest single ‘Secret Admirer’. Drenched in funk-fuelled melodies, shimmering vocal harmonies and groove-laden basslines, the single radiates sonic colours. Barbudo have succeeded in capturing the sound of summer, complete with the band’s signature clavinet and playful percussive elements. “We were going go for latin-infused funk vibe, like a blend of Michael Jackson and Santana” explains Ben. Thematically ‘Secret Admirer’ is a tongue in cheek interpretation of having guilty pleasures. “It’s a playful confession of secretly liking something that is deemed ‘uncool’ by most people. You might not publicly admit to liking it, but beyond judging eyes you see it for what it is. Like listening to Coldplay when you are sad…”, reveals Harry.”

I agree. ‘Secret Admirer’ is simply, a great tune. All the sunshine vibes.

Barbudo are doing well. DIY Magazine editor and record label executives recently chose them as the winner of ‘Record Store Day Unsigned’ competition for their video SXC, resulting in the EP being pressed to vinyl.

Do make sure you check out the last EP, Pleasures. It’s a delicious EP. Perfect for the current heatwave. It was released under Pie & Vinyl Records, also available to stream through Spotify.

Keep up the good work, Barbudo. You’ve got the feelgood factor, that’s for sure.


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    28 January

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    4 February

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    7 February

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