No Place Like Home’s Angelo Tirotto Returns ...

No Place Like Home’s Angelo Tirotto Returns To Comics


If you love comic books, you may remember Southsea local, Angelo Tirotto’s revisionist Wizard of Oz horror comic, No Place Like Home. Published by the good folks at Image Comics, responsible for the global phenomenon, The Walking Dead, No Place Like Home was an instant, sell-out, success and enjoys an growing international following. 

Shortly after the first graphic novel, collecting the first 5-issues, Angelo took a break from publishing his work due to unforeseen life events and No Place Like Home was put on hiatus. But, after a few false starts, he’s back with, amongst some other exciting offerings, lots of new comic book titles and, with a little luck, the next flying monkey packed, chapter of No Place Like Home.

After his break from the world of comics, Angelo decided the best way to continue telling his illustrated stories was to self-publish and he hopes to achieve this via Patreon. Patreon, much like Kickstarter, is a crowd sourcing platform for creatives only, with one difference, instead of pledging for a final reward, Patreons can pledge a monthly sum, from as little as $1, to gain access to Patron only content, such as behind the scenes work, DVD style extras, articles on comic creation, the comic book industry, all things comics and most importantly get early access to all the exciting comic books Angelo plans to publish, before anyone else.

Content is updated throughout the month, every month, and many creators are using Patreon as an alternative route to publishing by sharing it directly to the fans, supported completely through the fan support. It’s a great platform and has fast become the lifeblood of many comic book creators, artists, film-makers and crafters, to name but a few creative disciplines, being funded every day on Patreon.

Rather than settle on just sharing his work, Angelo wants to help Patreons share their own work. Built into the higher reward tiers, Angelo is offering his skills and experience to fellow comic book creators trying to break into the comic book industry in an aid to get their books on the shelves and in the reader’s hands.

From lettering (that’s creating all the word balloons and special FX you see in every panel), script, story and pitch appraisals to full comic book editor services, there is a reward tier for everyone, for fan and creator alike. He even has comic book logo and graphic design skills on offer!

And, that’s not all, one of Angelo’s ultimate goals with Patreon is the Patreon Only Comic Book Pitch Anthology. For those not in the know, creators looking to publish through a comic book company have to pitch their work to publishers via a specific process and have to create a package of work for submittal. As well as offering services to create or polish these pitches, Angelo aims to publish and distribute a regular anthology collecting his Patreon’s pitch work to share with other creators who are in the process or are considering pitching and, most importantly, for publishers looking for the next great comic book. 

As for his own comic books, Angelo plans to continue No Place Like Home and has many new books in the works such as; Manwolfs, featuring a motley crew of bohemian, beer drinking, skateboarding, anti-corporate, fun loving extroverts, Maleficium, a 1980s set, dark and spooky murder mystery comic about a witch (who is dead but alive, but not a zombie), a female hypochondriac werewolf and a 2,500 year old mummified Egyptian princess with a very bad attitude and a gutter mouth, not to forget Andolini, a brutal, modern day mafia tale. Lots of interesting stories to suit many different tastes.

So, if you are an aspiring comic creator, an avid comic book reader, or just want to show Angelo your support, visit his Patreon page to find out more or drop him a line if you have any questions, I’m sure he’d be delighted to hear from you.

You can find him on Patreon at www.patreon.com/room237. Take a look, he’d really appreciate your time and support.


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