Charity Fight Nation Raises Over £10,000 For Rowan...

Charity Fight Nation Raises Over £10,000 For Rowans!

This weekend local DJ Handsome Dave Rocker aka David Morgan and Neil Hardcastle took over Liquid and Envy on Stanhope Road to raise money for The Rowans Hospice with a Charity Fight Nation Event. They invited us along to check it out.

Charity Fight Nation offers those without any experience of boxing a chance to step into the ring. Utilising professional boxing coaches over an 8 week period, in a safe, friendly environment individuals are trained to embark on a path of fitness like no other, to challenge themselves and to support a fantastic charity at the same time.

David Morgan tells us why he got involved. He admits he loves doing crazy things and needed a reason to get fit. He confesses that after taking part in The Great South Run a few years back he’s slacked off ever since. Dave went on to tell us that Vicky Meal was a huge inspiration for him. Her son had lost his father to cancer earlier this year and had spent time in a hospice. Dave told us that she is a “huge motivator and inspired me to do this. both Vicky and her son have a very special place in my heart.”

‘Helping to raise money for the Rowans via this kind of event was about stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something scary. It was about giving Cancer the finger and helping people. Getting a punch in the face is the least I can do if one day the money I raised this weekend helps mine or someone else’s loved one beat cancer or at a minimum get the help and support and care they need during their last few months. I wanted to help promote dignity and compassion and make a difference. This event was also to promote health and fitness to men and women.’ Dave Morgan

‘A fight to raise awareness about the approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering.’

The event was a massive success due to the generosity of everyone involved. Local business’ got involved too by donating prizes for an interval auction and raffle. To name a few would include, My Dog Sighs, Victorious Festival and Soprano’s as well as many more.

Money raised was more than £10,000, which is just incredible! What an achievement! It is events like this, when people come together to do awesome things, which raise awareness about charities and inspire others to organise events or attend already planned ones. A massive high five to all that made this event possible. We look forward to seeing what comes next. Follow Charity Fight Nation for more upcoming events and fundraisers or visit the Rowans Hospice to see how you can get involved or donate.

Follow Charity Fight Nation for more upcoming events and fundraisers or visit the Rowans Hospice to see how you can get involved or donate.

📷 by Chantelle Wyatt and John Ackerley.

Im a local girl with big love for her beautiful city. A Scuba Diving Instructor and Travel Writer/Author by trade and now a trainee teacher, I love being busy and filling my days up with as much as possible. Writing for Strong Island in my free time helps me stay connected with whats going on in Portsmouth and gives me an opportunity to tell everyone about all of the great things that go on here.


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