Sky’s Windows by Ann Quinn & Life’...

Sky’s Windows by Ann Quinn & Life’s Funny by Catherine Barron at Jack House Gallery

Jack House Gallery is set to be home to work by two artists, both women, both Irish and both producing extraordinarily personal paintings in very different ways. This paring of exhibitions includes ‘Sky’s Windows’ by Ann Quinn & ‘Life’s Funny’ by Catherine Barron and opens later this week.

‘Sky’s Windows’ paintings by Ann Quinn is a first opportunity to see this artist’s work in the UK, although she exhibits regularly in Ireland. Ann hails from rural Donegal and her family’s farm and it’s landscape often feature in her beautiful and deeply felt paintings which explore surface and texture in layers of colour to evoke her sense of being ‘in’ the place. A green foggy landscape lies under a rolling sky of grey, bleached Iranian villages bask below a blazing blue canopy, an empty Dublin street sits under a stormy dusk. Ann Quinn’s skies are as rich and varied as the land beneath them.

‘Life’s Funny’ paintings by Catherine Barron is again a uniquely personal collection of work which will resonate with anyone who has a draw full of old family snaps we’ve meaning to go through. Catherine’s painstakingly executed paintings on degraded sheet metal in glossy enamel-like acrylic inks depict photographic images of her family and extended family, the once youthful aunties, the now grown up playmate cousins, the child and tricycle in front of a vaguely remembered front garden and the young versions of her parents squinting into the sun in their best clothes careful not to ruin the moment to be caught on precious kodak film.

The connection between these two parts of the exhibition is how both the artists endeavour to communicate their sense of belonging and their ‘place’, Ann Quinn in a physical space and Catherine Barron in a family history and time.

The exhibitions begin with a private view from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 21st April and then the shows run from 22nd April to 28th May. Find out more on the Jack House Gallery website:


Sky's Windows by Ann Quinn

Life's Funny by Catherine Barron


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