My Dog Sighs Short Story Competition Update

My Dog Sighs Short Story Competition Update

Earlier this year we invited everyone to take part in a short story competition. The theme of the story had to centre around one of My Dog Sighs tin can characters. I have been overwhelmed with the interest and the amount of entries that we received. It has taken much longer than I anticipated but I am working through them in my spare time. In the mean time I wanted to share with you some of the unedited stories written by members of Langstone Junior School’s year six class.

The entries were split into three categories for the different age groups, each with a different word limit. The following all all fit into the 13 years and under category which had a limit of 150 words.

The Great Robbery

The time was right; the shop was in perfect condition. Menacingly, I positioned my bandana and forcefully stormed the store, “Hand over the money-every last bit,” I ranted at the shopkeeper. Half way through piling the money he tapped the security button and alerted the cops. Recklessly, I willingly shot the keeper and ran.

Before I could escape, I was brutally shot in the leg by a careless copper – bleeding out, pressuring the wound – I drove. Not being able to concentrate, I crashed into the side of a brick wall. Hiding myself in the trunk, I was beginning to drown in my very own blood and lost conscious.

Hearing the sirens were defining, but hearing their footsteps were even worse. Searching my car, they finally caught me in the trunk and dragged me off in their police car. Dead with horrifying shame, I took my final big Breath.

By Archie Ellson


Bandit stood tall and erect, anxiously ready to scramble out of the skylight. He peered down at the prince and considered: what am I going to do with you? Leaping into the van with the prince in his arms, the flashing lights started to come closer. The van shot down the road escaping the angry police.

In the distance the sun faded away but the darkness followed the van up the hill. Dragging the prince into the dingy hut, the bandit covered the prince in old rags. He started to write a letter to the King…

‘I have your son, give me £800,000 or I will kill him!’

Not knowing there was a small cat creeping behind him he realised it had been there all along. MEOW! The small white cat jumped on the bandit… Being allergic, the bandit immediately fainted. The next thing he knew he was in prison!

By Heidi Weston

My Dog Sighs TCM 3

The Race Against Time

Silly, who is a tin-can, finally got his dream job but this is not where it started. Drowsy, careworn but still determined to make everybody’s day miserable, the blank fog swiftly dodged the fatigue tree whilst the ball of fire was covered by the taunting, black clouds. Surprisingly, Silly was the only one feeling happy as can be. He was exploring the neglected, filthy street when he saw an exciting advertisement. Not any advertisement. It was a circus audition; will this seen poster shape Silly’s foreseeable future?

Breathing heavily, dashing at high-speed, not pacing one-step, Silly, who has been inspired to be a clueless tin can, knew he had to audition well for this superb opportunity.

After a few minutes, finally, he arrived. He started off juggling two oranges then three and went all the way up to ten. Till this day, he has a smile remained on his pleased face.

By Eloisie Murcott

My Dog Sighs

Stuck Underwater

Today is the day everything changed. Traipsing through the busy streets of London, Ashton came to an graveyard which looked suspicious. Reluctantly, he walked closer getting more apprehensive of each step he took. An eerie silence flooded the place. Astonished by the murky silhouette, Ashton pounced out of his skin as he peeked around thoughtlessly; discovering an swamp.

Whilst rising from the leaves, the mist engulfed his pathway, he now endeavoured to climb down into the swamp. Unfortunately, he got dragged under with the string turning water. He only went in there to play! Fighting for his life, Ashton screamed “help help somebody please, I’m getting dragged underwater”, hoping somebody was there, but nobody was! His heart sank, his lungs tightened, his eyes streamed with water and his lips quivered. Will he survive? The moon howled loudly; Ashton fell to the bottom of the swamp. He was now gone forever.

By Grace Barwick

The Death Of The Innocent

“Should I or should I not?” she questioned herself, all of a sudden the noise of the rickshaw broke her thoughts. Days kept going and Priya couldn’t keep the secret in. Being a dauntless and chivalrous girl, Priya is determined to reveal the bitter truth to the detestable Bandit.

A bright blue bindhi on her forehead and lips as grey as rain clouds, Priya scurried off to tell the truth… As soon as she reached his deserted place, she knocked on the door with a menacing fear.

Opening the door, standing in front of her was the Bandit. With misunderstanding, Bandit pulled out his gun and aimed it at Priya. Eyes wide open, “I’m your sister Bandit” whispered Priya quietly but too late … her blood splattered everywhere SHE WAS DEAD. With a face of regret the Bandit could never forgive himself.

By Anika Uddin

Must Have Been Jealousy

“Its blood,” She muttered to herself whilst holding her uncle. Zara had never seen a dead body before covered in scarlet blood. It must have been jealousy; her uncle was the chosen one. She observed the crime scene but found nothing. She got up and took a deep breathe. She had just seen the most awful thing in her life. Pacing up and down, her heart was beating so hard it hurt in her chest. Thinking of options, she gazed out of the crystalline window. Twinkling in the golden, bright and charming sun, the rose pink jewel sparkled whilst it sat on her dainty skin.

Marching up and down, on the periwinkle carpet, Zara tried calling her parents but they didn’t pick up. The only option was to call the police. Sweat dripped down her face. Her heart pounded. She heard a tumult behind the door. Turning, the black figure was there!

By Alice Johnson

My Dog Sighs TCM 2


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