University of Portsmouth CCI Graduate Show 2015 Pt...

University of Portsmouth CCI Graduate Show 2015 Pt. 2 – Graphic Design

The Graphic Design basement/bunker in the older wing of the Eldon Building is a hotbed of young creative talent and the Graduate Show each year sees the designers show their work with posters, books and portfolios. The subjects the final year students tackle this year ranged from the exploration of the moon through to music posters, each with a detailed and considered approach to typographical design, layouts, use of images and even down to printing techniques. The exhibition brought together some fantastic design work as always, it was hard not to be able to get grubby mitts on all of the incredible books that had been produced.

One of the first pieces of work that really caught my eye was the poster artwork by Marit Lönnqvist, with layered type seemingly hung in suspension with a field of focus effected by depth.

UoP CCi Graduate Show - Graphic Design - Marit Lönnqvist
Marit Lönnqvist.

The colourful and detailed books by Laura Wilder each tackled different subjects but all brought together with clean design and a thoughtful approach in regards to binding.

UoP CCi Graduate Show - Graphic Design - Laura Wilder
Laura Wilder.

Mike Dean on the other hand is a fantastic talent in digital design drawing in usability in to the design process with his previous and new app interface design. The new app interestingly looks at how to monitor and share how you don’t use your phone and enjoy life without it. Really innovative ideas and with a clean approach.

UoP CCi Graduate Show - Graphic Design - Mike Dean
Mike Dean.

I really liked the work of Catherine Townsend who’s print design with both poster and book made me want to find out much more about her work.

UoP CCi Graduate Show - Graphic Design - Catherine Townsend
Catherine Townsend

Catherine Townsend

Jamie Cross’s work was hard to miss, a series of hand screen printed posters exploring a concept, each with a hypnotic and almost disorientating effect when looked at for too long. Great to see a concept explored through different avenues and the dedication to do so with hand printing. The collection of posters formed a large format book showcasing this design process from one colour through to multi-fades.

Jamie Cross

Jamie Cross

Jamie Cross

Jamie Cross

We’ll announce the winner of the Strong Island Creative Graduate to Watch award a little later today, for now check some more photos of the student work below and on our Flickr.


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