Open Call for Deleted Photography & Illustrat...

Open Call for Deleted Photography & Illustration Project by Vagabond Gallery

Deleted started from the idea of combining photography and illustration, as a way of experimenting with the medium and their possibilities. Initially meant as a continuation of ‘My family album’ photography series by Oana Damir, it soon developed into a discussion about contemporary artists and individual ways of creating art, and the conscious decision of sharing it or not. Started in 2014, it is a collaboration between Kate Bishop and Oana Damir.

After the initial dialogue, the project soon developed into regular meetings at Making Space. It soon became apparent that the project would take the shape of compositions made out of multi-layering. The next step was choosing to organize an open call, so that other artists could join the dialogue, and help shape the outcome. ‘Deleted’ plans to challenge the ways online platforms allow creatives to interact with ideas, and social media as a superficial plan.

The open call is for contemporary artists and creatives, open-minded and willing to share their artwork, as well as being available for a series of discussions with Kate and Oana on the theme of technology, and creativity. Photography might play a role in the process, so they should be okay with being in front of the camera. The aim is to finalize the project with an exhibition, which would be a great opportunity for all the artists involved to gain further exposure for their practice, and also a chance for experimentation. The idea is to create an installation about physical sharing.

All creatives interested in becoming a part of the project, please send a short story about yourself, as well as the reason why you be a good fit to this collaboration via EMAIL. Do not forget to include links to your portfolio and practice, and contact details by 31st July 2015.

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Open Call for Deleted Photography & Illustration Project by Vagabond Gallery


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