Portsmouth Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups

Portsmouth Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups

Thought fairy tales were just for children? Think again! A group of local writers are running a selection of events in Portsmouth this weekend exploring fairy tales for adults, including workshops and a promenade performance. With funding from Arts Council England, all events are free to attend.

An eBook of the Portsmouth fairy tales written for the project is available to download from Amazon. The collection of 25 stories is a blend of dark moral tales, historical fiction, sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, crime, memoir and surreal fiction. The book will be free to download over the weekend of the activities – for more information about Portsmouth Fairy Tales and how to download the book, go to www.facebook.com/portsmouthfairytales.

Tessa Ditner, the anthology editor, said: “People say that fairy tales teach children about right and wrong, and therefore that grown-ups don’t need them. But what if we do? Our fairy tales are about grown up things like money problems, relationships, the floods and changing bodies.

“We wanted to revive bedtime stories for grown-ups. Reading short stories in bed is a great way to switch off after a stressful day. It might lead to some strange conversations, laughter and possibly even gripping on to each other in sheer fright.”

Portsmouth Fairy Tales book cover by Jon Everitt Portsmouth Fairy Tales book cover by Jon Everitt

The 11 writers involved in the project, including university lecturers, a travel writer and a former barrister, are Sarah Cheverton, Zella Compton, Lynne E Blackwood, Diana Bretherick, Tessa Ditner, Tom Harris, Christine Lawrence, Gareth Rees, William Sutton, Tom Sykes and Matt Wingett.

The following artists have also been involved: Jon Everitt (cover artist and graphic designer), Port&Lemon (map artists), Elysium Eight (documentary film) and Nick Ingamells (portrait photographer).

To book your place on any of the following workshops or promenade by clicking ‘join’ on your chosen Facebook Event Page event at www.facebook com/portsmouthfairytales or by emailing culturekiddo@gmail.com. You will be sent further details and your free eBook download link.

Portsmouth Fairy Tales events…

Saturday 21 June | 8pm | The Groundlings Theatre
Grown Up Fairy Tale Readings

Leave the kids at home and join eleven local writers for an evening of dark, twisted and delicious fairy tales, all set in Pompey’s alleys, buildings and beaches.

Sit back with a drink in the theatre’s fairy tale-themed bar and cafe while the authors read out their tangled tales.

Free event, no booking required for more information or to join check out the Facebook Event Page HERE, to receive the free ebook download link on the event page. This event is part of Portsmouth Festivities.

Photo: Nick Ingamells www.nickingamellsphotography.co.uk Photo by Nick Ingamells

Sunday 22 June | time TBC | Meeting at the Dickens statue to the beach

Join the Portsmouth Fairy Tales Promenade, a guided walk revealing the mysteries on your doorstep. Free fairy tale maps, designed by Port&Lemon, will be distributed at the start of the guided walk.

Find out why the real Guildhall clock is buried in an underground city to save time. Hear about the man who lives in a ship in a whisky bottle. Find out why the floods encouraged graffiti featuring a girl riding a whale. Discover why a Victorian detective joined forces with the circus to fight Spice Island’s criminals. Look out for the ghost ship, and beware of pebbles with eyes…

Free event, all are welcome for more information or to join check out the Facebook Event Page HERE or email culutrekiddo@gmail.com


Saturday 21 June | 3pm–5pm | Southsea Library
Creative Writing Workshop 1: Epic Fairy Tales; Mysteries at Our Own Doors

William Sutton, author of Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square, journalist and playwright, and Zella Compton, author of The Ten Rules of Skimming, columnist and playwright, bring you a two-hour creative writing workshop looking at:

– How to write an epic fairy tale (for grown-ups).

– How to write your life story (or fib about it).

Beginners and experienced writers welcome. Have fun exploring how real lived experience and everyday dilemmas can be woven into fantastical tales of your city.

Free event all are welcome for more information or to join check out the Facebook Event Page HERE or email culturekiddo@gmail.com.

Saturday 21 June | 1.30pm–3.30pm | Carnegie Library
Creative Writing Workshop 2: Creating Compelling TV Drama and Globally-Loved Characters

Matt Wingett, TV script writer and novelist, and Tessa Ditner, comedy writer and journalist, bring you a two-hour creative writing workshop that reveals:

– The drama game – how to master conflict and create compelling drama for TV and other mediums.

– What’s so special about you? Find a character to grip your audience through novels, movies or computer games like Bond, Potter or Lara Croft.

This creative writing workshop is for new graduates and other writers. It will help you establish your voice in a diverse literary landscape. Find out more about the Free event on the Facebook Event Page HERE or email culturekiddo@gmail.com.

Photo: Danielle Shaw, Elysium Eight

Photo: Danielle Shaw, Elysium Eight

The Portsmouth Fairy Tales writers. Photo by Nick Ingamells


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