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Local photographer Rob Jamieson really caught our eye recently with his striking, powerful fashion and editorial photography, both shot in studio and on location in and around Portsmouth. We caught up with Rob to find out more about his work:

How did you get in to photography?
I have always had an interest in photography which led me to take a photography course at South Downs College. I received my first entry level digital camera as a gift, I started by shooting mostly landscape and architectural pictures, then on to people and models. From this I developed my own style of photography that went from a hobby to something more substantial.

What drew you to fashion/editorial photography?
I feel that fashion & editorial photography allows for me the most scope for artistic licence. Any methods can be used to get the result you want, with no real rules to follow. I enjoy working with models on photoshoots to create something that stands out.

What locations do you look for when shooting and what studio do you use?
When looking for locations I look for somewhere that will suit the style of the shoot, has good character, and has interesting light (natural or artificial). I have my own fully equipped studio that I use for portrait and fashion work.

What setup do you use? Digital? Analogue?
I have always used a digital setup, I have very much a trial and error way of working, so film just isn’t economical for me to use commercially, although I do appreciate film and love some of the pictures it produces. I predominately use Canon digital SLR’s for most of my work. A brand that I have always used, and works the way I want it to.

What advantages are there for a photographer working in and around Portsmouth? What things could be changed or improved?
Working in and around Portsmouth as primarily a portrait photographer is great. I get a wide diversity of different locations to use all within a 15 minute drive. This allows me to get a range of different looks in a quicker amount of time.

Where has your work been seen, published, etc?
Currently I mainly shoot portrait work for modelling agencies, so most of my work can be found on model agencies websites such as MOT Models, First London, Body London and Boss Model Management. I have been published on the Vogue Italia website. Also many jewellery companies websites such as A Weathered Penny.

You can see some of Rob’s photography below but be sure to check out Rob’s website and social media for loads more great photography:


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All photography copyright of Rob Jamieson, used with permission.

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