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+art run art spaces within businesses in Portsmouth, currently being featured at Garbos Gallery on Albert Road is Chantelle Cheshire. Please hurry though as it’s only there for another week!

Chantelle Cheshire Inspired by the book ‘Foulsham’s Fortune Teller (1930’s) has created these beautiful drawings “I was given an old book about fortune telling which has some weird and wonderful chapters, one of which is about talismans and mascots. Listed from A to Z is an array of so called lucky charms from cats and owls to pennies and eyes, from which I choose a few. I thought it might be fun to create double the luck by combining certain mascots and then had a go at creating my own . . . all with a little playful twist.”

Lucky the Bull Anchor
People who lived on or near the sea have long regarded the anchor as a symbol of hope, safety and good fortune.

Bull – Many people carry little replicas of bulls, especially their heads, in order to symbolise strength, power and determination – qualities which the ancients attributed to this animal.

Bee Lucky
Bee – worked into jewelley and other ornaments for wearing purposes are supposed to be mascots which give the wearer remarkable powers of endurance, perseverance and commercial ability.

Ladybird – These creatures are supposed to bring financial luck to those possessing them. Accordingly, people wear imitation ladybirds so that they may enjoy the luck without causing any harm to the creatures.

Not so Lucky Bird
In choosing a mascot, many difficulties may arise and, likely enough, no individual specimen will make one hundred percent appeal to you. In such case the proper thing

If you would like to exhibit your work in Garbos Gallery or any another +art space please contact Nicholas Forbes at justaddart@hotmail.co.uk

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